Winter Greenery

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The big pots are all empty and I hate to see them sit that way all winter.   Several years ago I started filling the big pots with winter greenery.  Usually towards the end of October I take a walk around the garden with my garden gloves and cutters.  The gloves protect my hands from the needles on the various trees.  I cut off branches from the bottoms of the trees/shrubs so it doesn’t interfere with the way they look.   If I don’t have enough in my garden I usually stop along the sides of the roads and snip the odd branch or two from those trees.

I’ve collected branches from pine, cedar, spruce, dogwood, and plumes from the stag horn sumac.   I always trim off the lower branches to make a clear spot to poke into the dirt in the pot.

These are 2 of the wall planters filled with greenery that are either side of the garage door.

Here is the pot, that was full of fuschia all summer, decked out in its winter greenery.  The only thing missing is some of the feathers that I usually cut from the ditches along the sides of the road.  I’ll get them in a day or so and add them.


In previous years I’ve filled some of the old metal washtubs and an old bbq.  I also have a reindeer planter that gets filled closer to Christmas.

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