The Pot Stacker

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I seem to have a large number of clay pots in various sizes.   I went through a phase where I was buying them at garage sales and just storing them on my potting bench shelves.  But many of them are too small to plant in as they dry out quickly. I’ve made my tipsy pots out of the larger ones but decided it was time again to use some of the smaller ones.

The pot stacker was created.  First you hammer a metal rod into the ground.  Make sure it is in about 30 cm. for stability.  Take 2 clay pots of the same size and slot them over the rod so they are rim to rim.

   Continue adding pairs of pots.  At the top I add a small circular pot and planted some trailing plants in it.  The pot stackers will vary in size depending on the sizes of the clay pots you have.  They look very nice between plantings and add some whimsy to the garden.

Then I made some really little ones out of the tiny clay pots and a wood kebab skewer.  These are in pots with lettuce, cosmos seedlings and an astilbe root.

Lots of garden whimsy.

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