The Lighthouse Repair

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The claypot lighthouse that was made a few years ago has been sitting in the garden and the weather has deteriorated the paint. It was knocked over a few times and some cracks developed. This past winter was the time to do some renovations.

First it got a couple of coats of fresh white paint.

making a clay pot lighthouse at

This lighthouse originally was cream with green accents but I have changed it to white with red, perhaps inspired by lighthouses we have visited while we were out and about.

Fishguard Lighthouse on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Fisgard Lighthouse, Victoria, British Columbia

The windows were square on the old version but I used a cork to make round windows on the updated one. This was also a way to incorporate a small round hole that was about half way up the lighthouse.

making a clay pot lighthouse at

I also added some rocks around the bottom clay pot. These are rocks collected over several visits from Wicklow Beach.

making a clay pot lighthouse at

A new solar light has been added to the top, a coat of Mod Podge to seal everything, and now it waits for nicer weather so it can be put outside. It will get a spray coat of sealer when the weather is nice enough to do it outside.

Look at the original lighthouse from 2014.

lighthouses at
Whiffen Spit, Presqu’ile, Mariners Museum, Wellington Beach, Pacific Rim lighthouse, Fisgard Lighthouse, Sidney Harbour,

I love lighthouses and have a series of framed prints in the house. These are the favourite photos of the numerous lighthouses we have seen.

the lighthouse collection at

There is also a collection of various lighthouses on display including a lighthouse birdhouse that was found at a thrift store.

my lighthouse doodle at

I have even completed a lighthouse doodle.

decoupaged shells at

And there there is the decoupaged shell I made with a picture of the Fisgard Lighthouse.

Yikes, am I lighthouse obsessed?

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6 Responses

  1. Michelle

    I enjoyed this lighthouse themed post! Glad your pot lighthouse is getting a renovation. And love your lighthouse doodle!

    Thank you for linking up to Creative Compulsions!

  2. Michelle

    This is such a pretty lighthouse!! I’ve been looking for yard decorations as we’re renovating our home. This would be such a cute idea!

  3. Myrtle

    I love the newly repaint job on your lighthouse. I like green and I really like the new paint renovation and love the stones around the bottom. I also like your lighthouse collections Linda

  4. Margie

    The refreshed lighthouse looks great, Linda!

    Back in 2010, my friend and I went on a road trip to Cape Cod and enjoyed seeing all the lighthouses in the area.

  5. Lorrie

    I very much enjoyed seeing your lighthouses. I like the Fisgard photo and the refreshed one done in red and white.

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