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Recently I found a pattern for crochet tube socks. As my arthritis in my hands is getting worse I find I can only knit, especially on smaller needles, for a short period of time. Mind you I do persevere as exercise is good for the fingers.

Crochet is always a bit easier, so I tried the crochet sock pattern as there is still plenty of sock yarn left from the yarn crawl.

crochet socks at

The pattern, Footloose Lacy Tube Socks, uses three different size crochet hooks, 3.75 mm, 4.25 mm, 5 mm, smallest for the toes, then the mid size hook for the foot and finally the larger hook for the remainder of the sock. I have switched to using ergonomic hooks and I love them. Read how I made the hook case.

making a crochet hook case at

It worked up much quicker then knitting, for me at least. I did keep track of the rounds with my row counter. Here are some more knit/crochet organizers I’ve made.

crochet socks at

I’ll be calling them my curling socks as the majority of the crochet was done while watching the Canadian Scotties Curling games (ladies). You can also find the pattern on Ravelry.

socks at

The crochet socks work up a bit looser than the knitted socks.

Have you crocheted any socks?

~Some of my completed socks~

a yarn line

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  1. Myrtle

    Great job Linda. The crocheted socks are different but probably very comfortable, cozy. I haven’t knit socks for some time.

  2. Chas Greener

    As a dancer, I love socks! These are fantastic and I think I need a pair of these – look so comfortable and warm. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Michelle

    Crocheted socks? Awesome! I may need to try them.

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Compulsions!

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