Sewing: A Hook Case

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Have you used the ergonomic crochet hooks? I’ve been updating my crochet hooks to these. The majority of them came from Michaels and were purchased with 50% off coupons and some of them came from Walmart.

making a crochet hook case at
a crochet hook case

I love working with the new hooks, so much better for my arthritic hands. But unfortunately my hook case was full so a new case was needed. I chose to make this one with material as the handles of the new hooks just didn’t slide in and out of the felt that I had previously used for my needle and hook holders.

Craft closet shopping is so much fun. Lots of memories while looking for the right material from other projects. I chose a yellow piece with ladybugs on it and a plain yellow piece. Previously I had made doll blankets, covered coat hangers and a don’t bug me bookmark out of the ladybug material.

making a crochet hook case at
selecting and cutting the material

I cut out two pieces of material from the bug patterned piece and one piece of yellow (used the old hook case to measure) Fold the yellow piece in half and pin to the right side of one bug piece. Lay the other bug piece on top, right side down, and pin in place. Stitch around all sides except one of the ends. Turn so the right sides are showing. Pin the last end and top stitch around the whole piece.

making a crochet hook case at
turning to the right side and measuring

Next was to lay out the hooks and determine the width of each pocket. I marked the top and bottom lightly with a pencil and then sewed to make the pockets. I made a few more pockets just in case I buy more hooks.

making a crochet hook case at
a crochet hook case

I chose to store the hooks so that the handles were showing. Each handle has the size of the hook on it. So much easier for choosing the right hook. And all the pretty colours are showing.

making a crochet hook case at
my crochet hook cases

Here are my two crochet hook cases … the felt one for my original hooks and the bug one for my ergonomic crochet hooks.

This was a quick and easy project to make, perfect for a sunny but cold Sunday, in fact it took longer to write out the post and edit the photos for my website.

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6 Responses

  1. Julie

    I’m gradually collection nice clover hooks, I’ve asked my kids to give me one for my birthday or Christmas, I have 4 so far!
    At some point I’ll have to make myself a case for them, I make cases to sell in my Etsy shop but don’t actually have one for myself! Go figure!!

  2. Myrtle

    Those new , colourful crochet hooks are very nice. I can imagine they would .cause less arthritic discomfort.
    Love your ladybug case you made for the hooks, enjoy.

  3. Teresa

    Thank you for the tutorial and the inspiration. I’ve been meaning to make one of these for years and just never quite managed to…
    And thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party too. Pinned!

  4. Margy

    The new ladybug case is really cute. You are so “crafty.” My mom was the crochet expert. I should have taken the time to have her teach me. – Margy

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