Craft: Solar Light Jar

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Look how easy it is to make a solar light jar to put around the deck railing and brighten up the evening.

making a solar light jar at
the solar light jar


  • small mason jar
  • solar light
  • pieces of sea glass
  • glue gun (not always water proof)
  • or E6000 glue
a solar light from the dollar store at
take apart the solar light

The gardening sections at the dollar stores are one of my favourite places to browse. I purchased some solar lights to use with some of the various mason jars I have at home. Take apart the solar light as you just need the round top part that has the solar light on it.

making a solar light jar at
collection of sea glass from Sidney BC

I used a small mason jar and some sea glass for this project. I have a large collection of sea glass that I collected from our trips to Vancouver Island. The white sea glass for this project mostly came from the sea glass beach in Sidney, BC. We’ll be heading out there soon so I’ll have lots of opportunities to replenish my collection.

making a solar light jar at
gluing the pieces onto the jar

Using the glue gun I attached pieces of sea glass all around the mason jar. It was just like doing a puzzle trying to fit in pieces into the spaces. If you use E6000 glue it takes a bit longer as the glass has to set before you move on to the next section.

making a solar jar light at
fit little pieces into the spaces

Take apart the lid to the mason jar so you just have the rim and fit the solar light in. You can seal the edges on the inside so no rain gets inside the jar. I took the rim of the lid with me when buying the solar lights as they come in all different sizes. After trying a couple of stores I found ones that fit.

making a solar light jar at
charging the solar light

Sit it outside and let the sun charge the solar light and it will give off a lovely glow in the evening. Check back to see how I made a bigger solar light jar using flat gems.

hot to make a solar light at
the solar light at night

I took photos of it inside and love how the jar reflects on the counter.

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12 Responses

    • Crafty Gardener

      A fun little project to keep me busy on a lovely suuny Sunday and remind me that outside time is just about here. ?

  1. Myrtle

    That is a great project Linda, they are very nice and easy to make. maybe after this week it will feel more like spring.

  2. Chas Greener

    I just love solar lights and creating things with them. Great job on this one and I’ll be featuring you at our next To Grandma’s House We Go link party!

  3. Julie

    The light looks beautiful through the sea glass, I imagine different colours would look fantastic too. Perfect for all those lovely summer evenings we have to look forward too.

  4. Crafty Gardener

    Comment from Janice – I have never heard of the solar jar. This idea is amazing, easy to make it and it looks so beautiful in dark. Especially for the Christmas and we can gift someone this jar also. Indeed It is like doing a puzzle trying to fit in pieces into the spaces. because if it’s not in the shape then it will look odd. Thanks for this amazing idea.

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