The Clay Pot Lighthouse

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It paid to do some cleaning and moving of the garden workbench as I found all sorts of things that I thought had got lost, been tossed aside or just forgotten about.  In the process of moving the workbench back outside (it had been moved in the garage while a new deck was being built in 2012 and never got back outside till now!) I found an awful lot of clay pots … from very small to quite big.  I use a lot of these pots for my tipsy pots and to plant hostas in.  But the rest were just stacked up waiting for a project.

I’ve also been contemplating making some garden whimsy involving solar lights and had some just sitting there waiting.  A good friend is from Nova Scotia and has a birthday coming up, so on a Maritime theme I created a lighthouse out of the clay pots.

clay pot solar lighthouse from

The pots got cleaned off, the smallest one had a hole drilled in the bottom, they got stacked to try them out, glued together, and a couple of coats of acrylic paint.  I glued inside the rim and carefully pushed each pot onto another till the tower was formed.  Once the white was totally covering the pots I painted all the rims red and added the outline of windows and a door.

clay pot solar lighthouse from

The crowning glory was the addition of one of the solar lights.  The light itself was removed from the stake for pushing into the ground (very easy as it just popped off) and then it was glued into the hole on top of the lighthouse.

clay pot solar lighthouse from

On Friday, the first night I tried it out on the deck, it poured of rain on the night time, so it was the perfect time for the lighthouse to shine in a storm.

I’m in the process of making another one for my garden as this one will be going to a new home soon.

This is the second lighthouse that I finished for my garden.  It is presently displayed in the honeysuckle garden.

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