The Orioles Return

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One of the colourful birds of spring and summer has returned to the garden … the orioles.  The vibrant orange colour makes it easy to pick them out in the trees and their distinctive call lets us know they are around the feeders.  On Friday morning we had 3 orioles around the feeders.

Two of them were at the oriole feeder.


And one was at the hummingbird feeder.


I make the same food for each feeder … 1 part sugar and 4 parts water.


I also put out orange slices over the summer for these birds.


Here is one enjoying a long drink at the oriole feeder … perhaps it was a long flight to our garden.


The colours are gorgeous … orange body, black head, and black and white wings.


Here is one singing after his long drink.

This was the first photo opportunity for the season but I know these lens friends will return often.

 I’m sharing with I’d Rather B Birdin’ and Saturday’s Critters.


lots more lens friends

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