The Garden Workbench

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I love my garden workbench that was made from recycled deck boards and supports.  It originally sat on the other side of the deck and was in full sun.  It was made from wood from the pool deck that was dismantled when the pool was taken down.  The rest of the deck was replaced two years ago and during the building of it the workbench was put into the garage.  Finally in the spring of this year the work bench was moved back outside to the other side of the deck.

This is what it looked like before the new deck.  Lots of changes since then.

Now it has early morning sun and lovely shade for the afternoon, which makes it perfect for working at.

the garden workbench made from recycled deck lumber ... a great place for working outside

The old chair in the corner has a broken leg so when propped agains the bench corner it become the perfect spot for a pot of flowers.  There are Peruvian daffodils which I planted on May 10 and there is the promise of little shoots poking through the dirt already.

the garden workbench made from recycled deck lumber ... a great place for working outside

Here is the bench from another angle and I’ve already started to move in things.  There is a bit of a view of the plant tables.  I’ve been planting a few things around the bench.


The rhubarb was moved from another spot … the spearmint and chocolate mint were recent purchases.  I’m hoping to pick and dry the mint leaves for some tea!

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get very messy when working outside.  I carry all sorts of things around and always need to wipe my hands.  So I made myself a garden apron out of an old skirt.

gdnapron1a gdnapron3a

I traced around another apron and cut two identical pieces … one came from the front of the skirt and one from the back.  The second piece was cut in half … one piece to fit the top and one piece to make a big pocket to carry seeds, garden tools and other necessary things for gardening.  The apron is going to keep my clothes clean … well cleaner than they would be if I didn’t wear it.  I tried a selfie but it didn’t turn out that great.

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