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I love homemade bags and have them in many colours.  I don’t use any bags/purses that are store bought but have ones with a little ‘purse’onality.  I’ve also made many bags to give away as gifts.  One of my favourites is a granny square bag in black, dark gray, light grey and white.


I found this cute pattern for a bag made out of granny squares a few years ago. It is great for using up odd bits and pieces of yarn.  It’s called Inga’s crocheted bag.  I just tweaked it a bit and took out the squares that formed the bottom.

black and grey 'purse'onality tote bag - craftygardener.ca

In total, for my pattern, you need 13 granny squares and then some yarn for join them together and made the straps.  I always get lots of comments on my bags when I am out and about.

lining the black and grey 'purse'onality tote bag - craftygardener.ca

I also love to line my bags, with inside pockets, so that smaller items don’t poke through the crochet.  I also line the straps as this stops them from stretching out.

Over the years here are some I’ve made in different colours.


The next bag pattern is from a pattern book that I have called Trendsetting Totes.   This one is the shell pattern shown just under the title.


I made the first couple according to the pattern and then decided to change it up a bit.

brown shell bag3a

This time I added a few more rows of the shell pattern and used 3 colours which cut back on the plain top.  I really like how this one turned out. The one below is one of my favourites.


Is it grey? or gray?

One of the the yarns and it said grey, but noticed the darker one said gray.

Either one is acceptable.  It comes down to the American or British spelling … rather like having a u in colour or not.  So I’m presuming the gray yarn was made in the States and the grey one comes from Canada.

grAy for America and grEy for England.

I used all sorts of little tricks like this when I used to teach and kids will remember much better.

As I’m British as well as Canadian (have dual nationality) I will use grey … but how about you?

crochet blue bag at craftygardener.ca

This is a blue bag made using the same pattern and lined with some lovely blue striped cotton.


10 Responses

  1. Nicola

    Love your bags and how the same basic pattern can look so different by just changing the colours. I say Grey, but then that’s my British roots talking!

  2. Myrtle

    I like your bags also and I also noticed how different same bags can look different by changing colours

  3. Marjan Hoebeke-Pfaff

    These bags are awesome, dear Linda! Makes my hands itch and make me want to start maken at least one right away! Thank you for joining the Granny-Spiration Link-Up Party! Pinned!

  4. Teresa

    I love the bags,, especially the first one. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

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