Green ‘Purse’onality

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I love tote bags and I love to make tote bags.  I found this cute pattern for a bag made out of granny squares a few years ago. It is great for using up odd bits and pieces of yarn.  It’s called Inga’s crocheted bag.  I just tweaked it a bit and took out the squares that formed the bottom.

This one is in my favourite colour of green, with a green stripe material for the lining.  These bags are totally washable and fall right back into shape with just a quick iron.

green 'purse'onality

In total, for my pattern, you need 13 granny squares and then some yarn to join them together and make the straps.  Using the same colour gives the bag a different appearance to the ones I made using scraps of various colours.

green 'purse'onality

I also love to line my bags, with inside pockets, so that smaller items don’t poke through the crochet.  I also line the straps as this stops them from stretching out.

green 'purse'onality

Do you see the ring on one of the handles?  That is how I keep track of my keys.

don't lose your keys

I have a clasp on my key ring that connects to the ring on the handle and it stops the keys from falling to the bottom of the bag.  One year I made key fobs for little Christmas gifts out of plastic canvas and embroidery thread.

plastic canvas key fob

~Bags with purse-onality~

6 Responses

  1. Kea

    This is terrific! I’m a tote bag person too, though usually buy them at the second hand shops. I don’t have any as nice as yours though!

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      I’ve got quite a collection, all different shapes, sizes and colours. I change them up with my different outfits. And they are so handy for shopping for tucking all those unexpected purchases in. Have a great weekend.

  2. Elaine

    They are cute , make them a bit longer and bottomless and you have cute tank top lol ! You are a Crafty one aren’t you ?! Thanks for sharing have a good weekend !

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      I think you could be right on making it into a top, just use a lighter weight yarn. Now if only it would get warm enough to wear that sort of thing. Have a good weekend.

  3. Teresa

    I love the bag. I’m a bit of a bag addict, so I may try to do something similar, as it seems rather easy. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

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