Conch Shell Twirler

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Twirlers or whirlygigs are so much fun to have in the garden. Even the gentle breeze will make them twirl.  I make them from plastic canvas, wire, beads and a fishing swivel.

A conch shell twirler/wind spinner/whirlygig is a good one to start with.

conch shell twirler from


  • wire from a coathanger that is about 16 inches long
  • fishing swivel
  • fishing line
  • clothes peg
  • interlocking craft beads
  • plastic canvas in your choice of colours, use 2 or 3 colours and alternate the strips


  • Cut your plastic canvas five holes wide and 70 holes long. You will need 27 strips.
  • Twist a loop in the end of the wire and thread three beads on.
  • Put one strip of pc onto the wire. Alternate beads and plastic canvas until all 27 strips are on the wire.
  • Take the free end of your first PC strip, and thread it on the wire.
    Add a bead and move on to the next PC strip.
  • Continue until all strips are used.
  • End with 3 beads.
  • Bend a hook in the wire, add the swivel, and close.
  • Fasten a length of fishing line fastened to a clothes peg.
  • It should look something like a conch shell

This mini conch shell is perfect for a keychain or make several to create a mobile.  This was a little craft we made when I was a Girl Guide leader. Lots of other Guiding crafts are here.


Materials and Instructions:

  • You need 14 count plastic canvas cut into 16 strips – 1 hole x 12 holes.
  • This is the perfect project to use up the odd bits of plastic canvas that you just hate to throw away.
  • Twist one end of half a pipe cleaner to form bump.
  • Thread the end holes on a pipe cleaner.
  • When all 16 are threaded, take the bottom strip and loop the very first hole (opposite end that is on pipe cleaner) onto the pipe cleaner.
  • Continue with the remaining strips.
  • The shell will form as you get all 16 threaded onto the pipe cleaner.
  • Twist the other end when finished.

This is the perfect size to hang from a keyring or you could make several and hang from a base to make a mobile.

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