Round and Round in the Breeze

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What better way to spend some time in the garden than watching a twirler, or a whirlygig,  go round and round in the breeze.  I’ve made lots over the years out of plastic canvas and beads – for my garden, family gardens and friends gardens.These twirlers were all made several years ago and over the years the plastic has deteriorated or become brittle and they all need replacing.

plastic canvas twirler at
plastic canvas twirler at

The patterns came from magazines, a plastic canvas group (that is now defunct) and hand outs from craft stores.

Patterns on the web that you can use.

… single twirler  …  double twirler … triple twirlermulti twirler spiral twirler

plastic canvas twirler at

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  1. Brooke

    I’ve been trying to get one made, I have tried 4 different ways, from 4 different people. But I have no clue what I am doing wrong due to mine are not turning out like anyone’s.. lol I would love some help

  2. Arlete Edna Medeiros sacramento

    Boa tarde gostaria muito de saber onde compro a tela de plastico alguém para mim ajudar gratidão

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