A Tuckered Out Reindeer

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This poor reindeer is all tuckered out after a hectic holiday season.  Find out how to make one of your own.  I’ve also included a few other reindeer crafts that I’ve had posted over the years.

a tuckered out reindeer from craftygardener.ca

The pooped out, tuckered out reindeer is a cute craft.  I received my original one many years ago as a gift and I always get it out at Christmas time.

a tuckered out reindeer from craftygardener.ca

 You need 4 pom poms (2 inch diameter) for the body, 4 pom poms (1 inch diameter) for the feet, 1 pom pom about half inch to an inch for the nose and one small red one for the nose.  The body, legs and nose should be brown pom poms.   A small white pop pom is needed for the tail and a tiny red one for the nose.  Google eyes always add character to projects and if you can get brown ones that is great, if not the regular white ones are good too.  Brown felt is also needed for the hooves ears, antlers and tail cover.

The above image is looking down onto the reindeer so you can see the layout  I’ve drawn up a simple pattern for the placement of the pom poms but the proportion sizes are not correct.  The antlers are about 1.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall.  I would suggest cutting out paper ones and trying them to see if they look right and adjust the size to your pom poms.

a tuckered out reindeer from craftygardener.ca
a tuckered out reindeer from craftygardener.ca

The leg pom poms get squished a bit when you add the brown felt hooves.

This images gives you an idea of the shapes cut out of brown felt for hooves, antlers, and ears.  The ears get folded in to make it like a little cone shape.

a tuckered out reindeer from craftygardener.ca

Here is the little white tail under cover of a brown felt triangle.

There is a little poem to add to the reindeer if you are giving it as a gift.

tuckered out poem
Christmas line

Make your own Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer pin out of a wooden bead about 3.5 cm in length, half a brown pipe cleaner, 2 google eyes, a red pom pom and a brooch pin or a loop of yarn.

reindeer pin at craftygardener.ca

Shape the half pipe cleaner into the antlers, put some glue in one end of the wooden bead and stick the pipe cleaner in.  If you decide to make this into a little ornament for the tree you should also add in a loop of red yarn at the same time.  Be sure to hold it till it dries.  When working with kids we used to practice our counting at this time.  Glue the red pom pom on the other end of the bead for Rudolph’s nose and add the googly eyes.  If you are making this into a brooch you need to glue a brooch pin on the back.  You can use a glue gun for much quicker drying, so get the one that is cool touch so the little fingers don’t burn.

Christmas line

To help Santa and the reindeer find their way to your house you need some magic reindeer food.  Little children will love to sprinkle this on their lawn on Christmas Eve.

Use a mixture of oatmeal, bird seed,and some coloured sugar to add some sparkle. Place the mixture in plastic bags and add the tag.  Some sites recommend using glitter, but that is not environmentally friendly and the reindeer might choke on it.(or other critters that just might happen along and nibble at it)

magic reindeer food at craftygardener.ca

The poem reads:

Sprinkle on the lawn at night
The moon will make it sparkle bright
As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam
This will guide them to your home.
unknown source

It is hard to know who originally wrote this poem as things like this get passed around the internet very quickly.  I did get this one from DLTK’s site.  The tag was made and ready for printing.  They also have a cute poem for rabbits.

Rudolph’s spare noses is a fun little gag gift.  It is easily make by putting red candy into a small baggie and attach the poem.  I can’t find the picture of the completed bag … perhaps I sent it to Rudolph when he was in need.  But here is the poem.  I’m sure you can visualize some little red candies in a small ziplock bag with the poem attached.  I’ll keep looking and add the image when I find it

rudolphs noses1
Christmas line

I’m all for plain and simple crafts and decorating.  How about you?

Have a Merry ‘Thrift’mas

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  1. Michelle

    My grandparents had one set out on their coffee table every year at Christmas time and I would love to make one for myself, however I am trying to find out where to buy those colored soft pompoms! So far I can only find yarn ones that look too stiff. Do you know where I can find them?

    • Crafty Gardener

      Sorry to be so long replying to you. I bought my pom poms at a family owned craft store a long time ago. I can only suggest you keep looking in all the different craft stores or check online. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. Thanks for visiting my website. Good luck in your search for the pom poms.

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