Munching the Corn

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We have a squirrel feeder right down the back of the garden.  It has a spike in the middle for fixing an ear of corn.  We have ample access to corn as that is usually what is grown in the back fields.

munching the corn at

The feeder is situated part way up the back poplar tree.  While it is filled with corn it does keep the squirrels away from the feeders, but once those critters get the taste of bird seed they always try to find a way to go back for more.  The first guy I captured through my lens was the black squirrel.

 munching the corn at

He hugged the corn and bit right in, even breaking off bits of the cob the lower he got.    He munched away until he had his fill. 

munching the corn at 

Then he decided not to leave the rest for anyone else so he pulled the last bit off the spike and hopped down only to try and bury it in the garden.  It was hard to bury a piece of corn in the nearly frozen ground, but he was persistent.

 munching the corn at

Up went another piece of corn and along came little red.  He had a different technique for eating … stripped off the corn kernels and left the cob in tact.

munching the corn at

He sat and nibbed each kernel of corn and when he was finished he left the cob for us to replace.

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