The Swallowtails

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Butterflies are delicate critters that flit from flower to flower in the garden.  

Capturing them with the camera can be a challenge.

But sometimes you are in the right place at the right time with a camera with a great zoom lens.

This one is enjoying the echinacea blooms last season.

Such long delicate legs.

Swallowtails are large colourful butterflies that belong to the Papilionidae family.

To attract butterflies you need plants to host the cocoons and caterpillars and plants that provide nectar to the adult butterflies. Parsley, dill and fennel are good host plants, while bergamont, coneflowers, swamp milkweed and butterfly weed are good sources for nectar.

Recently this swallowtail was captured checking out the lilacs.

the swallowtail butterfly at

The black swallowtail was seen in the spring when the lilacs were in bloom.

black swallowtail at

The tiger swallowtail was found resting on the deck rail one day.

a tiger swallowtail at

A giant swallowtail was really enjoys the purple obedient plants when they are in bloom.

a swallowtail butterfly at

for the critters

Other butterflies in the garden:

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