Building the Bug Flats

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What do you do with some old wood, old bits of trees, and old bricks?  Why you build a block of flats of course.  The Bug Flats are now under construction and there will be free accommodation for all sorts of bugs and insects that wish a new home.

I can always count on finding twigs, branches, old wood and bricks in various spots in the garden.  I bet you have those out of the way spots too where you toss odd bits of things thinking they can certainly be used for something at some time or other.

the bug flats under construction at

I’ve had this idea in my head since visiting Canada Blooms in 2014 and I saw some neat bug residences called bug hotels.   I’m calling mine the Bug Flats from my British origins. I’m originally from the east end of London, close to where Call The Midwife is set.  An apartment over there is called a Flat and a whole building of them is called a block of flats. Seeing as this garden project is made with some flat pieces of wood I think Bug Flats is very appropriate.

the bug flats under construction at

I chose a flat piece of ground up on the hill by the composters and started stacking up the bricks and flat pieces of old deck wood.

Then I started to cut bits of branches, twigs and logs into pieces that would slot on each piece of wood. I added another brick with the holes showing and the top flat is being filled with small rocks.  We all know that bugs and insects love to crawl into and under all sorts of things so I’m hoping they will take up residence in the Bug Flats.

the bug flats under construction at
the bug flats

This block of flats is still under construction and needs more materials in between the layers.  Perhaps I’ll get the grandkids to fill up the sections over the summer.

the bug flats under construction at

I do believe this was an old mailbox at one time, not mine but something a friend gave me as she knew I would make it into something or other.

the bug flats under construction at

It was an easy conversion into a bug garage.  I just had to add some old logs and twigs inside it.

the bug flats under construction at

It sits under the honeysuckle shrub by the old wheelbarrow and the bugs happily crawl in and out of it.

Now I know that not everyone wants to encourage bugs into their gardens.  But these flats are well away from where the flowers and veggies grow so I’m hoping there won’t be any problem.

the bug flats under construction at

You can find all sorts of ideas for bug hotels if you search.  There are fancy ones and plain ones and ones made specifically for websites so they can be pinned and stumbled.   I’ve even seen them for sale at different events.  Mine was made for fun and I really didn’t copy any ideas that are already out there but just came up with a couple of my own.  I just like to make things for the garden using what I already have.

Would you consider making a bug hotel?

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