Five on Friday

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There are always so many things happening in a week that it is sometimes hard to pick out 5 things that are highlights.

The first one was easy.  It was our Grandson’s birthday on June 1, so time for gifts, pizza and ice cream cake.  He always knows what he wants for his gifts and makes sure that everyone has the list.  As well as Lego he loves these Playmobil kits that have motors on them to propel boats on and under the water.

a birthday party

At the end of May we had a frost that did a lot of damage to many plants, even though I had most of them covered up.  Some tomato plants looks limp and droopy.  But I’m the optimist and decided to cut off the droopy parts and hope for the best.  I did plant a few new ones as well, just in case my optimism didn’t work.

But look … the plants are sending out many new shoots from the very bottom.  Looks like I’ll have a good tomato crop after all.  That is the second thing that made me really happy this week.

growth after a frost

The third happy thing this week is I got in some practice with the power tools.  This time it was the mitre saw and I got to cut some wood for a project I’m working on.  I’ll be sharing it when it is completed.

using the power tools

 The gardens always please me, especially when I see new growth and progress.  The tea thyme ladder planter sits on the deck and this year I replanted a lot of the containers.  I use old tea pots, tea cups, and lots of hens & chicks, creeping jenny, and stonecrop as this is in a sun trap area on the deck.  The old black teapot has a new thyme plant in it.  So the fourth on my list this week is seeing how the ladder planter has grown this year.

the ladder planter at

Watching wildlife always brings a smile to my face.  My fifth and last thing for this week was seeing a swallowtail on the parsley, a bee in the fuchsia and a moth on the table.  It was a challenge to capture the butterfly and bee through my lens as they flit so quickly from spot to spot.  Thank goodness the moth just sat right there and didn’t move when the came came in close to get a macro shot.

critters in the garden at

What made you happy this past week?

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