An Enjoyable Break

We were so lucky to have a week away at a cottage recently. How wonderful to sit by the lake, watch the wildlife, watch the sunset, go for leisurely walks and enjoy the sounds of the lake lapping on shore.

views at the cottage from
view from the cottage

The cottage was right on the lake front and we could see the most glorious sunsets in the evenings.

views at the cottage from
gorgeous sunsets

Other cottagers and campers would flock to the lake front to view the sunsets. Who could blame them.

views at the cottage from

Even though it was hot during the day it was so lovely to sit by the campfire at night.

views at the cottage from

There were a few swan families that would swim by during the day.

views at the cottage from
swan family

Such noise when they decide to take off.

views at the cottage from
a swan taking off

Lots of geese, on the grass in the mornings and swimming by with their families during the day.

views at the cottage from
geese families
views at the cottage from
geese on the lake

Another glorious sunset.

views at the cottage from
a close up of the sun at sunset

It was a lovely relaxing week. Lovely to go away but even better to get home to your own bed. It makes you appreciate your own home.

views at the cottage from
a spectacular sunset

I made a decoupage rock of the sunset by printing the photo onto paper, not photo paper as it is a bit too thick to stick properly. After it was covered in glossy mod podge and dried it was sprayed with a fixative. Now whenever I look at the rock I remember the gorgeous sunsets.

 a sunset photo decoupaged onto a rock at
garden line

Be sure to have a look at my rock projects and see all the other types of rocks I’ve painted.

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  1. Margy

    Sounds like a nice break to stay at a lake cottage. When I first met Wayne he talked about going up to camp. He grew up in Upstate New York. I pictured tents and such. When we got there it was a full sized house on a good sized lake. – Margy

    • Crafty Gardener

      We used to tent and then have a tent trailer, but the cottage was wonderful, a little rough but it makes you appreciate home all the more.

  2. Joy

    Those are beautiful pictures Linda ! .. I remember going to cottages as a kid and loving every second of it .. no matter how hot it is, a campfire just seems like the perfect ending to the day .. especially if there are marshmallows involved ? haha
    The sunset pictures are just gorgeous !

  3. Robin

    Hi Linda, what a lovely time you had. Your photos are gorgeous. It is funny you mention about getting back to your own bed. During our vacation in May we slept so wonderfully . We got home and tossed and turned the first night back. We realized we needed a new mattress!
    Enjoyed your photos!

    • Crafty Gardener

      How lucky you were having such a lovely sleep when you were away, it makes all the difference. Love going away but coming home is always the best.

  4. myrtie

    Those are lovely photos Linda, loved them all right down to the campfire photo. Glad you had a nice relaxing time.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Thanks for visiting Soma, I always have my camera and take so many photos, always hard to choose which ones to share. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Eileen Wise

    Hello, the sunset photos are stunning. What a beautiful sky. The swans are lovely, always a pretty sight to see. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend. PS, thank you for the visit and comment on my blog.

  6. Julie C

    Hi Linda, It looks and sounds like a wonderful holiday with lovely views what bliss. So glad you had a nice time.

  7. rustyduck

    Oh that looks bliss. So peaceful. I could watch the swans and geese all day.
    We’ve promised ourselves when the current renovations are done we’ll go away for a week. How long will I have to wait that’s the thing!

  8. Diane

    Beautiful set of photos and amazing sunsets. Have a good day, Diane

  9. Anni

    Such a wonderful collection this week!!! The sun is stunning, the swans & geese Each, so super.

    Have a beautiful week ahead, and thanks for joining us at I’d Rather B Birdin’.

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