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The garden tour this week shares what’s in the garden starting with B.

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One of my favourite spring blooms are the bleeding hearts.  This perennial plant loves the shady north facing gardens.  The plants get very big and are covered in pink or white blooms.  There are lots of other plants that start with B – beeblam, begonias, bluets and boxwood to mention a few.

bleeding hearts at craftygardener.ca

The bluejays are noisy, year round visitors to the garden.  They love the peanuts and loudly squawk to let you know they are arriving at the feeders.

bluejays at craftygardener.ca

I grow lots of veggies and herbs that start with B – beans, basil, borage, beetroot.

veggies at craftygardener.ca
veggies and herbs that start with B

I love bling in the garden and make most of it from wire, marbles, old CDs, keys and anything that sparkles and glitters.  I leave most of it up year round and it sure is pretty in winter.

garden bling at craftygardener.ca

My favourite thing for B is my bottle tree.  It has been through a few transitions since 2014. The original trees were made on branches from bushes in the garden. But over time they rot away and collapse. In 2018 I purchased two metal bottle trees and have them by the sign post garden and in the Egyptian Walking onion garden.

the bottle tree at craftygardener.ca
the bottle tree

I love how it sparkles in the sun, catches the snowflakes in winter, and is a great conversation piece.

garden line

A fun challenge I set myself awhile ago was to take photos of things that resemble the letters of the alphabet. Some of these things are from the garden and some from the trips we take out and about.

alphabet photos at craftygardener.ca
things resembling B

I also started a personal alphabet. Have you ever started one of these? It proves to be very interesting.

B- bird watcher, book lover, British by birth,

the gardener side at craftygardener.ca

12 Responses

  1. Myrtle

    Linda, I love when you do the alphabet. I used to have a beautiful white bleeding Hear until a friend of ours wanted a piece and being it was so large I thought it was ok to give him some of it, it didn’t come back. I liked having herbs on my deck to pick when I wanted some. I always enjoyes green & yellow string beans and last time I grew them was in Petrolia. Your gardens have always been lovely to see on here and now that you brought up how lovely your yard looks in winter with all the handmade items you have made and put out in your gardens and other areas especially your bottles

  2. Joy

    Hello Linda girl !
    I’m sorry I haven’t been in a while .. I think I am stuck on your old address (I have to fix that !)_ I am really lusting after a totally blue bottle tree so one day I might just take the plunge, especially after seeing yours here .. so pretty all of the garden decor that you have .. I love bling too!
    Yes !! the little ones are in different stages on the big dill planting .. some are still eating and John just pointed out a chrysalis to me after supper this evening .. so that is VERY exciting .. the hard part is unwrapping just at the right point , not to endanger the younger cats but let the butterflies be able to get out and about .. it can be stressful ? LOL
    I’m off to try and fix your address on my blog roll now !
    take care and thanks for dropping by : )

    • Crafty Gardener

      Thanks for the visit Joy, hope you get that blogroll updated so you can visit again soon. Hope the butterflies all successfully hatch and fly away. Are you getting the thunder storms and rain today. We had one heavy downpour but the rest seems to have missed us. The garden sure could do with a good downfall of rain, the hosepipe just isn’t that same. Stay cool.

  3. Margie

    I have bleeding hearts in my garden too!

    I’m also enjoying the personal alphabet. Very clever!

  4. ABC Wednesday

    Although I am a great birdlover, the first photo touches my heart…

    Overhere in The Netherlands, we call these flowers “gebroken hartjes”, liturally translated it sais: Broken Hearts… I have them in my garden as well, the red ones, the pinks ones and the white ones.

    Have a heartwarming en splendid ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    M e l o d y (team ABC-W)

    • Crafty Gardener

      Glad you stopped by for a visit today Melody. We love the bleeding hearts in the spring, thanks for telling me about them in The Netherlands.

  5. Country Gal

    Lovely post . All my bleeding hearts have finished now but everything else is in full bloom as some plants die off other’s bloom and so on then I have ones that last all summer into fall , it takes time to plant gardens like that but oh so well worth it when they bloom and give you beauty all summer .

    • Crafty Gardener

      Our bleeding hearts are finished too, in fact I’ve trimmed the plants back for next year, don’t want the seeds spreading themselves around. It sure would be lovely if all the things in my alphabetical gardening series bloomed all the time in the garden. Are you getting the rain and thunder today? We just got a heavy downpour this morning and that is all so far. Enjoy the day.

  6. Jennifer Jilks

    This is really fun. I’ve never looked at my garden this way. I did notice that I mostly have mauve flowers!!!

  7. Su-sieee! Mac

    Very cool B’s. I love how you have me looking at things differently, looking to see if I can see letters. Faces, I’m good at. Letters, not yet. The other day I was wondering what I could do with CDs, now I have a clue. Thank you.

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