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Last Friday was a ‘tea’riffic mail day as the mailman left a package in the mailbox that I wasn’t expecting till next week.  I’m so glad it fit into the mailbox as usually a card is left and we have to go into town to pick it up.

a 'tea'riffic prize at craftygardener.ca

Margie, of Tea in the Valley, recently had a give away for her third blogaversary and I was the lucky winner.  Wow, was I spoiled with all the gifts … from mug, to napkins, to infuser, to tea, to notecards, and calendars.  What fun I had opening the box and looking at each of the things inside.

a 'tea'riffic prize at craftygardener.ca

There was a lovely new tea mug, which I’ve already tried.  The first tea I chose was the cranberry orange zinger.  Delicious.

a 'tea'riffic prize at craftygardener.ca

There was a variety of teas, some in little packets that got added to my tea chest.  An adorable little British telephone box with English breakfast tea, perfect for me as I’m originally from England.  The little white tin is Orient Express tea from Margie’s visit to The White House tea room.  Not that White House in the USA but a delightful little tea room in Watertown, near Hamilton Ontario.

a 'tea'riffic prize at craftygardener.ca

Look at the lovely tea towel with all sorts of waterfowl birds on it.  Just perfect for me as I’m a bird lover and watcher.

a 'tea'riffic prize at craftygardener.ca

A little card inside told me of a magazine, The Love of Tea, which I got a free subscription to.  You can get one too by going to their website.  It’s an online magazine but has some interesting stories in it.

a 'tea'riffic prize at craftygardener.ca

There was a little calendar and sticky notepad for my fridge, adorable little tea notecards and a Tea Time calendar for beside my computer with lovely photos of teacups for each month.

a 'tea'riffic prize at craftygardener.ca

The mug came in a box with a silicone infuser, in my favourite colour, and a little stitched croissant.  I put the croissant on the teacup night light that my daughter bought me several years ago.

Thank you so much Margie.  I was nice and toast-tea this morning when I had the Strawberry Shortcake tea and some toast to start off my weekend.

If you haven’t visited Margie’s blog, Tea in the Valley, do pop over for a visit.


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  1. Margy

    How fun. I enjoy hot tea in the winter. I keep a tea pot on the woodstove for easy access to hot water. – Margy

  2. Margie

    You’re very welcome, Linda! I had fun putting the package together, especially once I picked the winner’s name and could tailor it towards your interests. The croissant ornament looks cute beside your teacup night light.

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