The Ecology Garden

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One morning we headed out to Cobourg, to pick up a special order at our favourite British store, to walk the beach and hopefully find some lake glass, and to make our first visit to the Cobourg Ecology Garden. visits the Cobourg Beach
a foggy morning at the Cobourg Beach

One piece of lake glass we found was marked Heinz Co with the number 255 on it. Some research on the internet found a list of glass codes by the Heinz company. This one was from a 14 ounce ketchup bottle made between 1918 and 1943. Wow, it is an old piece and will be kept with all the other glass I’ve found for there and from our visits to BC where my fascination for finding sea glass started.

finding lake glass at the Cobourg Beach by
a piece of lake glass

The Ecology Garden is close to the harbour in Cobourg, so we were able to park in our usual spot and have an enjoyable walk along the waterfront and down to the gardens. visits the Cobourg Ecology Garden
Ecology Garden

A path takes you through the gardens to several lovely garden areas, each with their own sign thanks to one of the wonderful volunteers. visits the Cobourg Ecology Garden
garden signs

There were plenty of Monarch butterflies in the butterfly garden and beside the boardwalk. This was the time of year that the Monarchs are beginning their migration south. visits the Cobourg Ecology Garden
Monarch butterflies in the butterfly garden

Throughout the walk we came across two little libraries. I just love this idea and love visiting as many of them as we can on our travels. I was actually going to leave a book in the little library on the beach but decided to leave it here instead. And low and behold there was a book there by the author that I have just started to read, so of course it came home with me. I will read it and take it back the next time we visit. visits the Cobourg Ecology Garden
little libraries – take a book, leave a book

One of the gardens was for leaving and taking motivational rocks.

Cobourg Ecology Garden
motivational garden

I love painting/decoupaging rocks. When we went out to visit family in Victoria, British Columbia this year I painted several trillium rocks to leave for the Sooke to Sidney Rock Hunt. I also made some butterfly rocks (and one painted rock) to leave at the Ecology Garden. I chose butterflies as there were so many of them at the garden.

decoupaged butterfly rocks at
rocks left at the motivational garden

I hope someone chooses one of my rocks and leaves a comment on my site. There were lots of rocks already there and I chose a ladybug rock to bring home. I did add a sealant to the rock when at home so that it can be put with my other ladybug rocks. I did follow up with the person/group that left it but haven’t heard anything from them yet.

a rock from the Cobourg Ecology Garden by

The Ecology Garden is a wonderful place to visit and I know we will be going back again. If I lived in Cobourg I would be there all the time as it is my kind of place … garden signs, garden art, motivational rocks, bug houses, veggies, wild flowers planted boots, a pond, shady areas to sit and so much more. I loved the trellis tree and would love to add one like it to my garden. visits the Cobourg Ecology Garden
garden art at the Ecology Garden in Cobourg

Be sure to have a look at my rock projects and see all the other types of rocks I’ve painted.

garden line

If you are in and around Cobourg, Ontario you must visit the Cobourg Ecology Garden. Or perhaps you have similar gardens where you live. It really reminded me the Sooke Community Gardens we visited while in Victoria, British Columbia.

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  1. Jeannie Carraro

    Linda, that looks like a wonderful place to visit. We would enjoy that place as well. thanks for sharing.

  2. Margie

    What a fun place to visit. I’m a huge fan of little free libraries too!

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