Butterfly Rocks

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It is the time of year when the butterflies are beginning their long migration south. We recently visited the Cobourg Ecology Garden, (Coboug Ontario) and I decided to make a few decoupaged butterfly rocks to leave in their rock garden.

decoupaged butterfly rocks at craftygardener.ca
decoupaged butterfly rocks

If you notice, one rock doesn’t fit the theme. It is a painted bird rock that I decided to take to the gardens too. I added some positive messages to my rocks this time … spread your wings, fly free, smile, family and a heart.

Cobourg Ecology Garden

There is one garden dedicated to rocks, and the sign says it all. I left some of my rocks there and left a couple in another garden. If you found one and either took it for yourself or took a photo of it, I’d love to hear from you.

monarch butterflies at the Cobourg Ecology Garden

I’ll be sharing more about the Ecology Garden in another post. We saw lots of butterflies on our visit flitting on the goldenrod, the wild asters and the other plants.

how to make decoupage butterfly rocks at craftygardener.ca
in various stages of completion

I made these in several stages, just like the other decoupaged rocks. The photos of the butterflies came from various garden magazines. A base coat was put on each rock (front and back). The butterfly photos were added with Mod Podge, first a little on the back to secure it to the rock and then a coating all over the front of the rock and the photo. Be sure to let each step dry thoroughly before moving on to the next one. A couple more layers of Mod Podge were added both to the front and back and then a spray coat of sealer was added. These rocks are going to be outside and I don’t want the weather washing away my hard work.

how to make decoupage butterfly rocks at craftygardener.ca

I had made trillium rocks last April 2019. to take to Victoria, BC and share with the S S Rock Hunting group there.

I hide lots of my rocks. They are for you to keep or rehide. You can always leave a comment telling me where you found the rocks. Thanks in advance. I love knowing if my rocks are found and where they end up.

Be sure to have a look at my rock projects and see all the other types of rocks I’ve painted.

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  1. Margy

    One summer I painted constellations on rocks to give out at a telescope viewing event Wayne put on at a local hotel. They were a hit, and so easy to paint, a few dots and a name. – Margy

  2. Jeannie Carraro

    What a lovely idea, Linda. I still have a couple of rocks my grandsons made for me many years ago. They are 19 now, so the rocks are a bit faded, but I still keep them. It’s like their little fingerprints on the glass door that I always washed around but left the prints there. Stayed there for a long time, until somehow, they got rubbed off.

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