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On one of our daycations we visited the town of Cobourg and had an enjoyable time browsing the stores in their downtown section.

One particular store that we loved was Nessie’s.  A friendly store where you can purchase items from Britain, and one we will certainly be returning to.


Inside was like taking a trip down memory lane.  I was born in England and didn’t come to Canada till I was 8.  My husband spent some of his childhood there from when he was 3 to 11.  We also lived there from 1975 to 1981 and two of our daughters were born there and registered Canadians born abroad.


There is a wonderful selection of British foods … tea, pickles, marmalades, candy or sweets as they are called over there, cookies or biscuits as the British say,  and a wonderful selection of Scottish baked goods.  It was a chance to buy some of our favourites.


If you are a Coronation Street fan, like I am, there was a huge selection of goods promoting the show … mugs, bags, calendars, teapots and more.  And my husband was thrilled to find a couple of his favourite boyhood comics in the hardcover annuals.

You can check out Nessie’s on Facebook.

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