Pop Bottle Fish

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Here is a fun craft you can make with the kids or grandkids.  We have a bridge at the back of our garden and a couple of wooden cut outs of a boy and gift fishing.  It is fun to hang these pop bottle fish beside them so that it looks like they were just caught.

pop bottle fish from craftygardener.ca

You need – 1 empty 2 litre pop bottle,  permanent black marker,  3 colours of acyrilic paint plus a little white, 2 small buttons, about 30 cm. fishing line, needle,  sponges cut into small pieces, scissors, stapler, dish for paint.

All drawing and painting is done inside the bottle.


Cut off bottom of pop bottle with scissors.


Draw an eye with permanent marker near the opening of the bottle.


Draw inside the bottle.   Paint inside of eye white.

Squeeze a small amount of paint into dish.   Dip sponge into paint making sure surface is covered.  Dab sponge randomly inside pop bottle.  It is best to start near the eye and work your way out.  LET DRY!  Repeat this step for the next two colours.

When dry,  fold together about half way from opening.   Trace template (bottom of page) onto the folded part with a marker.  Cut out along lines carefully.

Thread needle with fishing line and knot so there is a double line.  Tie a button to one end of line and poke needle through bottle from the inside out.  The button should be inside the bottle.  Cut at the top of double line, remove needle, thread each piece of fishing line through the holes in another button, tie securely close to bottle.  Tie ends to a clothes peg.


 Squeeze end of bottle together and staple.


Trace a shape similar to this onto the end of the bottle.  Add the squiggles (with a marker) to the outside of the bottle after cutting.

pop bottle fish from craftygardener.ca

Make several fish using different colours and hang as a mobile or fasten to the edges of a garden umbrella.  I have these fish hanging in the bushes beside the garage path.  The grandkids really enjoy walking along the path and seeing all the garden bling there.

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