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I’ve always loved colouring and working with children through my career gave me lots of opportunities to colour.  But now the latest trend is for adult colouring books and I can legitimately colour once again.

About a year ago I bought an adult colouring book while at an Usborne book party. And I was hooked once again.  It’s a lovely book about Wildlife with flowers, birds, butterflies, insects and more.  Colouring has a calming affect and it can reduce stress levels.  Adult colouring pages have more intricate details than kids colouring books.

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I have a couple of boxes of pencil crayons, my colouring choice, but getting them in an out of the boxes every time was a chore.  While cleaning out the kitchen drawers I had this brilliant idea to use a cutlery holder for the coloured pencils, but it just didn’t work out.  I just happened to mention to my husband that he could make me a pencil organizer and low and behold the next thing I knew he was out in the garage cutting the wood.  He’s such a treasure.  It took me 46 years to train him so I’m not about to be trading him in!

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Just look at this lovely pencil box.  It has 10 compartments so that I can organize the coloured pencils into colour groups.  It is so much easier this way to find the colour and then narrow down the shade that I want.  This fits perfectly on my lap and makes a good solid work surface to put the book on.

adult colouring book at

The double leaf pages in the book show the image all coloured in and the other side is a black line image that you can colour in to match.  Or if you are daring you can use your own colouring scheme.

There are lots of places on the internet to get free colouring pages.  My friend Luci, at homes-n-Gardens has a whole section of adult colouring pages.  So many stores like Michaels, Chapters, book stores and stationery stores sell all sorts of adult colouring books, calendars, posters and more.

adult colouring book at

The book above is one I recently purchased from Michaels. It’s titled Whimsical Garden by Dover Publications. There are lovely garden themed pages to colour in, perfect for those winter days when I want a gardening fix.  They have lots of other wonderful books as well.  I’m sure I’ll be buying another one soon.  Did you sign up for some free colouring book page samples?

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Then there are the lovely generous people like Jen, from The Light Laughed and Stephanie from Garden Therapy that have created colouring pages and send them out to their email subscribers.

Have you tried adult colouring yet?  I know I’ll be doing a lot more as the colder weather approaches.

I’m sharing with Mosaic Monday  My mosaic images were created at iPiccy, Fotor,and Picassa.

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  1. Ben Gill

    True! Coloring books bring out the child in us. I’ve recently been hooked to this. Never thought that such a simple activity could give that feeling of calmness and relaxation. Interesting article you have, btw.

    – Ben Gill (Element Paints)

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