Plant Profile: Painter’s Palette

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I chose some new plants for the garden this past spring, ones with interesting foliage and ones that wouldn’t require a lot of maintenance.  Painter’s palette was one of the plants with cream and green leaves and a v shaped brownish bit on each leaf.

For those that like technical names it is Persicaria virginiana. It is also known as Fleeceflower,  It’s an herbaceous perennial plant that grew quickly as the season progressed.

painter's pallet plant at

Here is the plant when I purchases it at the end of May last spring.

painter's pallet plant at

About 6 weeks later, mid July, it had spread quite well.

painter's pallet plant at

I picked this one for the interesting colours on the leaves.

painter's pallet plant at

I planted the painter’s palette in the front diamond garden where it gets a lot of sun all day.  Some of the other plants in this area are yucca, iris, grasses and sorrel which was also new this year.  This photo was taken at the beginning of October and you can see it has spread nicely.  Something unexpected for its first year was red flower spikes that appeared all over the plant.

painter's pallet plant at

These flower spikes began appearing about the end of September.

The couple of heavy frost we have already have had signalled the end of this plant for this year.  I’m really hoping it winters well and grows and blooms again next year.  I’ve read that it pokes through the ground a bit later in the spring, so I’ll be patiently waiting and checking to see how it grows.

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