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Do you need an incentive for the kids or grandkids to wash their hands?  Try making this bar of soap that just might tempt them to wash more often.

I saw an idea for making soap for kids by putting a little toy inside the soap.  The site with the idea used a lego person inside, which I know the grandson would love as he’s a lego maniac, but I had just hired both grandkids to be my under gardeners and water the veggies while we were away and I thought this would be a fun thing for them.  So instead of the lego person I put a toonie inside.   For non-Canadians that is our name for the two dollar coin.

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I purchased a container of melt and pour soap from Michael’s with a 50% off coupon so it was a great deal.  They also had some soap molds on sale for 79 cents.

You need to cut the soap into smaller pieces.  This is glycerine soap, no scents or colour, and it cut very easily.  I just popped a couple of chunks at a time in a measuring just and melted it in the microwave.  Do it slowly, about 25 seconds to start and then in 10 second intervals till it is all melted.  The first one I did got a bit too hot and you can see some little bubbles around the outside of the mold.

soap with an incentive at

Fill each mold about half way and let it set before adding the object.  It only takes a few minutes to start setting.Add in the object and then fill the other half of the mold.

soap with an incentive at

Here are the molds when filled up to the top.

soap with an incentive at

Then it is just time to let them set for an hour or more.

soap with an incentive at

Turn them over and press on the bottom to release the soap.  If it doesn’t come up just hold it under warm water for a few seconds and it pops out easily.

soap with an incentive at

This really didn’t take long to make.  I made 4 bars of soap using about half of the original big bar I purchased.

soap with an incentive at

Two of these soaps are wrapped up with a card of thanks for the grandkids here at home that will be watering my veggies while we are away visiting family on Vancouver Island.  I’m going to pay them more than $2 but this will be the down payment for doing the job.  I’m taking the other two bars of soap to give to the grandkids out west.  I’ve got a couple of messy crafts planned for them and they will need to wash their hands afterwards.  One of my sayings when I worked in education was “If it isn’t messy, it isn’t fun.”   I’ll share the other messy craft with you when we get home.  It will be something for our garden and for their garden.

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At another time I did make soap with shells, sea glass, and mini figures inside.

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