Little Wreaths

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Little wreaths are wonderful to attach to a gift, to wear as a brooch, to decorate the tree, or decorate the table.  Over the years I’ve made a few different little wreaths.

crochet a little wreath at
crochet a little wreath at

I love little projects that you can start and finish all at once.  This curly wreath from Planet June was one of those projects.

Using a small amount of two different greens and an even smaller amount of red yarn this little wreath made up while watching my favourite British tv show, Coronation Street.  The finished wreath is about 7.5 cm across (just under 3 inches for non metric visitors).

This cute little wreath is a great project for the kids to make.  You need a pipe cleaner, a strip of eyelet lace, 52 (more or less) green interlocking green tri beads, 4 clear white tri beads and 1 red tri bead.

pipe cleaner wreath at

I don’t have photos on how to make this one as it was done ages ago before I had digital cameras.  You poke one end of the pipe cleaner through one of the holes in the lace, then slide on a green bead, fold the lace over the bead and through the pipe cleaner, then add another bead and then go through the lace hole.  This continues till you have used up the green beads.  Every so often you need to push the beads and lace down the pipe cleaner a bit.  Be sure to keep a couple of cm. of pipe cleaner free at each end.  This bits get twisted together after the pipe cleaner is shaped into a circle and the clear beads and red bead are added so it looks like a little candle.  The finished wreath is about 7.5 cm across.

little yarn wreath wreath at

This little wrapped yarn wreath is made from a circle of cardboard and some green yarn and it is great for the kids to make.  After cutting out your cardboard circle, (about 6.5 cm across with a 2 cm. width hole), tape one end of some yarn onto the back of the circle and wrap the cardboard in yarn by going through the center hole, and around the cardboard.  Wrap it close enough that none of the cardboard shows through.  Continue till the whole cardboard donut is covered in and tuck in the end on the back.  Add some beads, some glitter, a little bit of greenery (real or fake) and a small bow to complete the wreath.  By putting a safety pin in the back of the wreath this turns quickly into a little brooch.

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