Heart Crafts

Valentine’s Day – is it a day created by card, chocolate and flower companies to guilt trip you into buying something for someone in your life?  I think it is, but that is me.  

It is a fun day to make crafts for and here are some quick and easy to do.

a Valentine cup cozy from craftygardener.ca

A Valentine cup cozy is always a cute little gift to make. Here is the pattern. It was very simple to make and used up bit of scrap yarn and felt. In these days of covid lockdown wouldn’t it be nice to one to send to a friend or loved one to say I miss you. The cozy cover folds flat and will go nicely in an envelope. It would be a perfect little gift to receive on one of these cold and dreary days.

I love rock painting and have just made some cute heart themed rocks to hide. I’ll leave these at a few of our favourite walks that we are still allowed to go on.

painted rocks at craftygardener.ca

Be sure to have a look at my rock projects and see all the other types of rocks I’ve painted.

painting rock hearts at craftygardener.ca

Here is my book of ideas for rock painting. It’s the place where I sketch my ideas and ideas that I see. I can look back for inspiration, add notes, add colour schemes, and a lot more. It is a WIP.

Heart shaped wreaths made from fresh cranberries and some pliable wire make a nice outside decoration.

how tomake a cranberry wreath at craftygardener.ca

Carefully poke the wire through the cranberries one at a time. For the first one through make sure you twist the end of the wire to stop the cranberries from falling off. Once all the cranberries are on, twist the two ends of the wire together and then form into a heart shape. I used two pieces of wire filled with cranberries and tied them together with raffia. You can adjust the size of the wreath by using longer wire or joining pieces together.

how to make a cranberry wreath at craftygardener.ca

I added a jingle bell to each one for a bit of embellishment. These wreaths were hung on the mailbox and lasted quite well during the cold weather. The cranberries froze in the cold temperatures and when it warmed up they did become soft. Eventually I had to take off the cranberries and add them to the bird feeders.

How to upcycle playing cars into kindness cards at craftygardener.ca

This would be the perfect time to send a kindness/friendship card to someone. Personalize it for the person you have in mind and it will bring a smile to their face when they receive it. Hearts are the perfect theme for this time of the year. I love to tuck one inside books I donate/return to the little free libraries.

How to upcycle playing cars into kindness cards at craftygardener.ca

Make your heart sing with the joy of friendship and love.

crochet line at craftygardener.ca

More wreath ideas:

Wreath making:

3 Responses

  1. Linda

    I love hearts at any time of the year and have a heart theme going on around my house all the time. I love all your hearts especially your painted rock hearts, now that’s something I will have to try, once again you have inspired me, have a great week.

  2. Margie

    I agree that Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday, but I’m a sucker for hearts. HA!

    Your crafts are heartwarming!

  3. Myrtle

    I love hearts and all items you have shown here are very nice. The cranberry hearts are very cute, too bad they froze,then thawed when it got mild but the birds were happy I’m sure.

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