The Button Wreath

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The button tin/jar holds an assortment of buttons in all sizes and colours. You can spend a long time reminiscing as you let the buttons fall through your fingers.  But sometimes there just isn’t enough of the colour you want to make a craft, so it was off to the dollar store where they sell bags of buttons in various colours.

the button tin at

A layer of batting was added to the cardboard circle and then the whole thing was wrapped in white ribbon.  Around the outside a strip of lace was glued on.

making a button wreath at

My wreath is about 23 cm. across and with the addition of the lace it is about 26 cm.  I traced a dinner plate for the outside circle and a sandwich plate for the inside circle.   If  you decide to make one you can make it any width you wish.  Just remember the bigger it is the more buttons it will take.  Once that was dry I started glueing on the buttons.  I used crafters goop but you could use a glue gun or another glue that you prefer.

making a button wreath at

I used a selection of white, clear and cream buttons with the biggest ones being added first.  I found that holed buttons were the best for the base and then I added the shank buttons in between.  Smaller buttons were sometimes places on to of the bigger ones.  I let each layer dry before adding on more.

making a button wreath at

I gradually added buttons on top of buttons to get the slightly raised look.  I didn’t want a big bow so used a few bits of gold trim from the ribbon box to create a bow.   I also added just a few gold snowflakes to give it a bit more sparkle.

making a button wreath at

Next came the challenge of hanging it.  I wanted this for one of the cupboard doors but didn’t want to add any hooks or nails to the door.  I found a couple of wreath door hanger hooks at the dollar store which came two to a packet but they were too wide for the door.  But my husband was able to re-bend the hook to make it fit.  I glued in a strip of felt so there would be no scratching on the door and presto the button wreath was ready to hang.

Now I need to make another one to make use of the other hook (which hasn’t been resized yet).  The only expense was  for a bag of buttons and the hooks and the rest of my shopping was done in the craft closet.

the craft closet at

Thank goodness for a space to store all the crafting supplies that have accumulated over the years.  It’s full of yarn, clear boxes full of ribbon, buttons, and all sorts of things, and cardboard boxes full of felt, patterns, batting, material and so much more.  It’s organized chaos!

making button trees at

There are other button projects in the works as well.  So many projects and so little time to do them all.

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Here are some other wreaths I’ve made.

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  1. Myrtle

    Oh yes the button wreath,I remember one from last year you made, they are very cute. It is a good thing you do have a a space to store all your craft materials you have collected,haha.

  2. Chas Greener

    I love buttons and this is such a beautiful upcycle. Love this idea, so simple and elegant. Great work and thanks for sharing.

  3. Teresa

    You did a wonderful job, the wreath turned out beautiful. I love the detail of the lace.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

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