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Darkest Before the Dawn by Mike Martin is the seventh book in the Sgt. Windflower series set in Newfoundland, Canada.

The series is about Winston Windflower, an RCMP officer, who is stationed in Grand Banks, Newfoundland.  It is not just a mystery book centered in the police office but a book that shares the quiet side of Winston.   You will love reading about his family, his pets, his friends, his co-workers, and the people he encounters in his life away from his job.

Darkest Before the Dawn by Mike Martin

The unsolved break ins in Grand Bank, ghostly apparitions, and unexplained deaths are part of the everyday life in the RCMP office.   Family and co-wrorkers unite to help support the mental health issues of the young and old in the area.  Winston and Sheila take one of these troubled boys under their wing and help him with his issues.

Darkest Before the Dawn by Mike Martin

With Sheila (wife) and Amelia (daughter) they are in the process of setting up their own B&B.  Will the ghost of the B&B cause problems?  You will want to read the book to see how Winston solves this.   He also loves to use his culinary skills to prepare meals for friends and family.

Sgt. Windflower mysteries series by Mike Martin

I love reading books set in Canada by Canadians and this is one series I highly recommend to you.   It is one of my favourite series of books and I’m lucky enough to own all seven is them so I can re-visit with Winston and his family at any time.  You can read about the Sgt. Windflower Mysteries on Mike’s site or visit his Facebook page for the latest happenings.  Mike did a guest post for me awhile ago and you can read it here.   Be sure to read my other reviews of these books.

I always recommend reading a series in the publication order so that you get familiar with the characters and the setting, but of course you can start with any of the books in this series.   Newfoundland is one place in Canada we have not visited but it is high on my list of future trips.

Happy reading.

Sgt Windflower mystery series by Mike Martin

Sgt. Windflower Books:

  1. The Body on the T
  2. The Walker on the Cape
  3. Beneath the Surface
  4. A Twist of Fortune
  5. A Long Ways from Home
  6. A Tangled Web
  7. Darkest Before Dawn
  8. Fire Fog and Water
  9. A Perfect Storm
  10. Safe Harbour
  11. Buried Secrets
  12. Dangerous Waters
  13. All That Glitters
  14. Better Safe Than Sorry
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  1. Margie

    Thanks for the tip! I also enjoy reading Canadian books. Newfoundland is on my bucket list.

  2. Myrtle

    This serious sound very interesting . Maybe once I see the specialist maybeI’ll be able to get back to reading more.

  3. Margy

    Just did my review of Mike’s newest book on my Margy Meanders blog. I don’t have such a nice row of books to put in my post since mine are all on the Kindle, but here at the cabin they are so much easier to read that way, especially at night or on dark days with the built in light. – Margy

    • Crafty Gardener

      I love reading and rereading this series. I’d love to stay in Winston & Sheila’s new B&B as it feels like it is a real place.

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