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Beneath the Surface is the third book in the Sgt. Windlower mystery series set in Newfoundland and written by Mike Martin.  This book sees Sgt.Winston Windflower get transferred back to Grand Banks at the same time his girlfriend Sheila is released from rehab after a terrible vehicle accident (in the second book).  Windflower is a Cree from Alberta who is stationed in Grand Banks with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).

Beginning:  Sgt. Winston Windflower froze when he saw the big bold letters on the front of the newspaper.. “Champion Rower Found Dead” and below that the bright, beautiful face of a young woman smiling back at him.  Amy Parsons, the story said, had come to St. John’s from Grand Bank, Newfoundland to attend university.  And not two weeks ago, she had been a member of the rowing crew that captured the Women’s Championship Race at the St. John’s Regatta.

Windflower finds out a lot of facts about the death of Amy Parsons … she was a student, she had lots of money, she didn’t have a job … and then her roommate goes missing.  There are secrets lurking below the surface and the deeper he searched the more disturbing the things became.  Through his network of friends and associates he also finds out about international intrigue and corruption.

On arriving back in Grand Banks he found his Uncle Frank staying at his house.  He found his house messy, smelling of smoke and his uncle drinking too much.  Windflower was also having unusual dreams that proved to be very scary.  After consulting with his Uncle Frank, a dream weaver,  he started to understand the dreams.

While networking with his friends and colleagues he found out about Shawn Parsons, Amy’s brother, Chinese visitors, sexual harassment of female officers, an undercover ring of people smuggling, an International crime syndicate and the corruption of a senior officer.

The descriptions of the various places in Newfoundland makes me want to travel there.  The food descriptions are amazing and if you aren’t hungry when you read the book you certainly will be by the end of it.

Page 56:  “It’s still early, but so far I can’t find a person who had a bad word to say about the late Amy Parsons.  But there are some things that don’t just add up,” said Langmead.  “Like what?” asked Windflower  “Like the fact that we found $5.000 cash in her apartment, and her bank accounts have another $17,000  Plus she lives in a luxury suite at Elizabeth Towers and supports her mother back home,”

Sgt Windflower mystery series by Mike Martin

Sgt. Windflower Books:

  1. The Body on the T
  2. The Walker on the Cape
  3. Beneath the Surface
  4. A Twist of Fortune
  5. A Long Ways from Home
  6. A Tangled Web
  7. Darkest Before Dawn
  8. Fire Fog and Water
  9. A Perfect Storm
  10. Safe Harbour
  11. Buried Secrets
  12. Dangerous Waters
  13. All That Glitters
  14. Better Safe Than Sorry

You can read more about Beneath the Surface here on its blog and follow the Sgt Windflower Mysteries on Facebook. Recently I had a guest post by Mike Martin and it lists places where you can purchase the book.  The e-book is very reasonable priced and makes a great addition to your Kindle or Kobo collection.


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