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A Twist of Fortune is the fourth book in the Sgt Windflower mysteries set in small communities in Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada.  I have had the pleasure of reading the three previous book by Mike Martin and couldn’t wait to get this one.

Sgt. Winston Windflower is a food loving member of the RCMP.  This book continues the romantic involvement of Sheila Hillier and Winston through some ups and down.  Sheila is arrested at the beginning of the book for helping to save the fish plant in Grand Banks.  If you have been following their romance you will love the ending of this book.


Beginnings:  Sergeant Winston Windflower blinked twice.  He was sure his eyes were deceiving him.  He doubted it was Sheila, his girlfriend and the love of his life, being led away in handcuffs.  But when he saw her distinctive loving smile as she stepped into the RCMP van, he knew it was here.

Corporal Eddie Tizzard, Doctor Sanjay, Mayor Sinnot, Uncle Frank and others we have got to know in the previous books are all involved in the mysteries of this one.  It is an east coast winter and one storm after another crashes onto the shores of Newfoundland.  The unexpected death of one of the regulars leads to some soul searching by Sheila and an important decision is made.

Page 56: Windflower poured them both a glass of wine and soaked in the aroma of the spaghetti and Sheila’s fantastic sauce.  “Thank you Sheila.  This is the first real meal I’ve had since, well, since the last meal you cooked.”

  In one of the snow storms a vehicle is found off the road with the driver dead.  At first it seems like the accident was the cause of death but as the investigation moves forward it is found to be murder and then another body is discovered in the trunk of the vehicle.  Then a prescription drug problem is unearthed and it looks like it is all linked together.  Windflower and others at his detachment find themselves working with others to solve this mystery.


I love reading books set in Canada by Canadians and this is one series I highly recommend to you.  You can read about the Sgt. Windflower Mysteries on Mike’s site or visit his Facebook page for the latest happenings.

Previously I had a guest post by Mike Martin and here are some places where you can purchase the latest book … Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, through iTunes, or Kobo.  Thanks Mike for giving me the opportunity to read your books.  

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