Wonderful Weather for Walking

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We have been having some wonderful weather for the end of September, which has out outside as much as possible, so any postings to my site have been put aside.  Last Wednesday morning we walked down by the bay.  The water was so still, the skies were blue, the sun was shining (not the best for taking photos) and the water birds were putting on a show.  There were mallards, swans, herons, cormorants, loons, gulls.

The water levels have been much higher this year so the heron has been hanging out in some different places.  This day he/she was on the shore hunting for those little unsuspecting fish for a meal.

the heron down by the bay at craftygardener.ca

We don’t see the loons that often when we are out walking by the water.  They were out a fair way from the shore, but you can always tell they are loons as they go under for fish and stay under for a long time and then come up quite a way from where they originally went down.  They were busy looking for food so there was no haunting calls that morning.

the loons down by the bay at craftygardener.ca

You might remember from previous posts that I’ve been watching the swans since the spring.  Now we see the family gliding around the water of the Bay of Quinte. They swim, preen, feed and bask in the sun.

swans down by the bay at craftygardener.ca

The cormorants are always plentiful, perched on the rocks and stretching out their wings.  These are those photos where the sun was in the wrong position and they didn’t come out as clear as I would of liked.

cormorants down by the bay at craftygardener.ca

There is always an abundance of gulls by the water as well.  Here they all are perched on a bit of land just out from the shore.  This is where the swans nest in the spring.  The last time we were there we saw a fairly large group of caspian terns but on that day none were to be seen.

gulls down by the bay at craftygardener.ca

As long as this wonderful weather continues we will be outside as much as possible.  The gardens are getting trimmed down, the old plants pulled, and decorations  are getting moved into storage for the winter.  It’s best to be prepared before the weather changes.

I hope you have been having some wonderful weather in your area.

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