The Painted Lady

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Several types of butterflies visit the garden. The painted lady is found around the world, also called the thistle or cosmopolitan butterfly.

the painted lady butterfly at

This medium sized butterfly has similar colours to the monarch butterfly but definitely not the same patterns.

the painted lady butterfly at

This one was photographed on the chive flowers towards the end of May. They do prefer to eat thistle flowers which aren’t in bloom yet.

the painted lady butterfly at

During migration these butterflies can cover up to 160 km. They do not overwinter in cold regions.

the painted lady butterfly at

It was great to capture this painted lady via my camera lens. We do see them flitting through the garden during most of the season.

Other butterflies in the garden:

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  1. Linda

    It’s beautiful and I love to see them in the garden although I haven’t seen any butterflies in my garden yet this year.

  2. Myrtle

    It is beautiful, I do believe I recently saw one and I believe the kids did Saturday as I heard Al say it was a small Monarch so I have written down the name so I don’t forget and will tell him.

  3. Joy O'Connor

    I usually have them in my garden too but not yet so far .. or ? I may have been missing them because it has been a few days since I have worked in the garden.
    I am hoping that my hydrangea standards will draw the Monarchs in like it did a couple of Autumns ago … that was magical to me !
    I’m also hoping the Bronze Fennel I planted in the garden will draw butterflies in.
    You took some wonderful shots Linda !

  4. Vondean Erickson

    Hi Linda,
    The mother and baby woodpecker was so neat. Also the zentangle flower drawing. You always have such a interesting website.
    One of my friends back home called the other night and told me that everyone is seeing so many Hackberry emperors butterflies. Also called asterocopia butterflies. I had never heard of them before. She lives by the lake and said the butterflies were looking for water as so dry out. They like damp dirt or sap.
    I learn something new everyday. We have a lot of yellow and white butterflies around here. I remember they were in the gardens back home and my mother called them cabbage butterflies.
    Take care

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