Crochet: Let it Snow, Let it Snow

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Many parts of Canada have had lots of snow and will probably have a white Christmas.  In our part of Ontario we have only had a few flakes now and then so a white Christmas isn’t anticipated.   But you never can tell with Mother Nature.  There is still time.

plastic canvas snowflakes at

I’ve been busy creating my own little snowstorm for inside.  First I made some more of the plastic canvas snowflakes for the dogwood twig tree.  And then I became obsessed with crocheting some more snowflakes.   I saw patterns on other sites for small and large ones.  I did print some out and started making them, but I did this while watching some of my favourite shows on television and kind of got lost with the pattern.  I thought of starting them again but then decided all snowflakes are different and mine would be ‘you’nique to me.


Once I had made a few it became easier and easier to takes bits of various patterns that I remembered and put them together.  Each one only took a little while to make, some were different and some were the same.  Some are made with crochet cotton and some with 3 ply yarn.

crochet snowflake pattern book

Some of the patterns originally came from the book from Annie’s Attic, and from them some became ‘you’nique to me. I don’t know if this book is still in print as it was purchased many years ago.


Being impatient I started hanging them in the window using some ornament hooks.  I knew they should be blocked, but I also wanted to see them in the window.  I had several strands of snowflakes that I had kept adding to.  I then discovered it was really hard to get a good photo as it was either too dark and everything looked black and white or it was too bright and I got lots of glare.   This photos even has some reflections.


I did finally take them down and pressed them all to block them.  I was going to stiffen them with white glue and water but decided against that, probably because I wanted to get them back up in the window.   So while they were down I arranged them into a tree shape on the table.  The dark blue of the tablecloth made it easier to photograph.  I think this idea would be lovely mounted and framed.   What do you think?

On this first day of winter, and the last day of the Mayan calendar, it might rain and it might snow, but my window is having its own little snowstorm.

Have you had much snow where you live?  Are you expecting a white Christmas?

Making snowflakes:

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  1. Debbie- Dabble

    I have a bunch of these as many years ago, I was lucky enough to buy a bag of about 15 of them at a church flea market for $5…for the whole bag!! Needless to say, I grabbed that as fast as I could when I saw it!!..Love how you displayed yours!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Crafty Gardener

      I love church jumble sales, lots of good finds. That was a bargain you found. I’m sure you have them on display.

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