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I love it when Christmas comes creeping in.  Doing a little bit now means I don’t have to do a whole lot later on.  There is gift making and ornament making going on right now

These little ornaments will add some sparkle to your Christmas tree.  They are quick and easy to make and would also make nice gifts.  You need the plain coloured ornaments, some beads and a glue gun … and a fair bit of patience as it can be a challenge getting the tiny beads onto the ornament with sticky fingers

My stash of beads seems never ending and these ornaments are a great way to use them up, especially the tiny, fiddly ones that don’t seem to thread on anything.  I chose a silver and a gold ornament to match the colour of the beads I wanted to use up.  You could choose whatever colour you wish or match them to the beads.

beaded Christmas ornaments from

At first I tried using Crafters Goop glue but it took longer to dry and the beads started slipping, so I switched to my cool touch glue gun.

beaded Christmas ornaments from
beaded Christmas ornaments from

Only add the glue a small section at a time and then press in the beads as it dries quickly.  For this ornament I used some blue beads, some clear white ones, and some silver (well, it is wanna be silver) to add a bit of extra sparkle when the lights from the tree shine on them.

The patience comes into play when you start adding the beads and end up with glue on your fingers and then you can’t pick up the tiny beads.  So it was do a section, clean fingers, do another section, clean fingers etc.  I also used a toothpick to push the beads up close to the ones already on the ornament.  A pair of tweezers works well for picking up the beads as well.


I used yellows and pale green beads to do the next gold looking ornament.  I’m hoping the colour base will reflect through when they are on the Christmas tree.  Next came a pearly ball.  I purchased a bag full of faux pearls from the thrift store.

beaded Christmas ornaments from

I added some ribbon and beads to the top and they are ready to hang on the tree.

beaded Christmas ornaments from

B for beads.  Did it make a dent in my stash of beads? … it doesn’t seem so appear so but I’ve still got lots of time to make some more.

Hm-m-m now I’m thinking B for buttons … do you think an ornament covered in buttons would look good?  I’m going to make one next along with a yarn project.

Christmas line

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  1. Myrtle

    Sorry I have missed coming in but I took time today to catch up. You have a lot of patience to make all the beautiful decorations for yourself & to be beautiful gifts. Love howto put together your little tree and these bulbs are beautiful. Have a good day.

  2. Linda

    Hi Linda….
    I especially like the pearly one…very pretty!
    Enjoy your week ahead..
    Linda :o)

  3. Margie

    The pearl ornament is my favourite. I also like to start prepping for Christmas in November so I can just relax and enjoy in December.

  4. Margy

    Because of scheduling I got my Christmas things out yesterday. My tradition is to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. One of the items is wisemen that my mom made about 45 years ago (my how time flies). They are about a foot tall and made with draped material dipped in white glue and hardened. Each is carrying a small chest with offerings made from old jewelry (much like the ones you used on your ornaments). I need to glue a few back on, but the statues are still a beautiful part of our annual decorations. – Margy

  5. Teresa

    So pretty! I especially love the one with the pearls.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned!

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