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After just a day or two the bottle tree has a new home.  Remember that it came down on the weekend and I found a temporary place for the bottles?   The vines got cleared away and the trunk with branches got a new location in the fence garden.

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It looked lovely where it was with morning glories spreading all over it, but by the end the bottles really couldn’t be seen.

the 'glory'ious bottle tree at craftygardener.cs

The tree was originally a lilac tree that had stopped growing and the branches were cut so that a collection of blue and green bottles could be displayed on it.

the bottle tree at

The whole structure was tied to the fence to see if it would look good there, then the drill came out, holes were made and 8 inch hex bolts were put in right through the trunk and the fence post.  It is now nice and sturdy.  The bottles were collected from their temporary location and taken to the back.

the bottle tree at

Now you can see the bottles.  It is actually a bit taller than it was before as the trunk is raised off the ground a bit.

the bottle tree at

Here it is from a few different views.  I could even leave the tree face on it.  The birdhouse is usually occupied by the wrens, but they have left for the season.  I hope that when they return in the spring they won’t be scared away because of the bottle tree.

The new home for the bottle tree is definitely the top of the list for Five on Friday this week.  I love it in this location as it is directly visible from the windows in the back of the house.  Where it was before it was really only visible from the dining room window.

The second thing is the ligularia is blooming.  This plant was added to the garden last fall and it survived the winter and has grown into a lovely plant.

ligularia in bloom at

The third thing is the grandkids are here to visit and play all day Friday … Lego, Minecraft, tea parties, baking, crafts and more.  They head back to school next week.

The fourth thing is despite the hot and humid weather that has returned we have been out walking and enjoying the garden in the early mornings before it got too hot and sticky.

bird visitors to the garden at

The fifth thing is that more birds are returning to the garden feeders.  They are entertaining us with their antics and their songs.

What would you pick as 5 memorable things for the week.

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