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I recently completed a test pattern of the Life Way Shawl by Amy of lovemademyhome..   This was a nice pattern to follow and repeated the same rows, so once I had figured out how to do the different squares I didn’t need to keep checking back with the pattern.

Life Way Shawl by lovemademyhome at

I used Austermann Step 6 yarn from Grey Heron, our new local lys.  This one was in many of my favourite colours of greys, greens, rust and a bit of beige.  It’s a worsted weight yarn and was lovely and soft to work with.

Life Way Shawl by lovemademyhome at

It’s a corner to corner pattern, or C2C, starting at the point and each row increases by one square.

Life Way Shawl by lovemademyhome at

There were two sections of open work in the shawl, which came roughly in the middle.

Life Way Shawl by lovemademyhome at

Here is the finished shawl with straight sides and the pattern of the stitches makes a nice top row.  You can, of course, make this shawl any length you want, just by adding more rows.  The finished pattern was about 170 cm x 72 cm.  The pattern doesn’t call for any edging but I think I just might add some of my own at a later date.

a crochet shawl at

Now the weather has cooled down my shawls are getting lots of use.

Right now I’m working on a mermaid tail and a shark tail, both blankets/afghans for the grandkids out west.  I’m not sure if I mentioned it but we are heading out to Victoria at the beginning of December and staying till early January.  This will be our first Christmas with them out there and we are really looking forward to it.  We will really miss our family here in Ontario but have already decided that the weekend after we return we will celebrate Christmas with them.  That means two Christmas dinners and two lots of presents.  Christmas doesn’t always have to be in December 25 but on the day you are available to all get together and celebrate. Last year we celebrated Christmas at the end of September when we were out west.  Twice the fun last year and twice the fun this year.

~Shawls and scarves I’ve made~

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7 Responses

  1. lavender dreamer

    Your trip will be so much fun! I am trying to imagine the mermaid tail….sounds neat! Love this shawl and the pretty colors! Hugs!

  2. Nicola

    Pretty yarn, not one I’ve heard of before. And I’m loving the C2C right now – I might have to make a shawl too!

  3. Myrtle

    I love the colours in the yarn and the pattern they made in your shawl, very pretty shawl Linda.
    How nice a month over Christmas with your family out west,your family there will be very happy.
    I am off to spend some time with my youngest son & family and my best friends, leaving on Sunday.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. Tammy S Asad

    The shawl turned out great. I’ve only made one c2c blanket but obviously didn’t measure right and stopped too soon, so will need to add a very wide border to get a decent baby blanket. 🙂

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