Shawl Weather

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Decem-brrr is here and it is shawl weather.

I recently started a Multnomah shawl. I originally got this pattern from Ravelry but it seems after an update on their site it is no longer available. Luckily I had it saved and could print the pattern out again.

The very first multnomah shawl I knitted out of brown and beige sock yarn and it was gifted.

knitting the multnomah shawl at

It is a straight forward knit pattern, with 4 rows of pattern once you get to that part.

knitting the multnomah shawl at

Last year I knit a slightly smaller version of the same pattern.

knitting the multnomah shawl at

It knots easily behind the neck and makes a lovely warm scarf for under or over your winter coat.

knitting fingerless mitts at

I had already made a pair of fingerless mitts from the same yarn, so that is why the multnomah was a bit smaller. Fingerless mitts are my all time favourite and I wear them all the time when we go out. I also have a pair of knitted mittens that fit over the top for those really cold days.

knitting the multnomah shawl at

While having a clean out of the craft room closet I came across this lovely yarn in yellows and greens. It had originally been purchased for a yarn crawl pattern in 2017, but it was just one of those finished items that just didn’t appeal to me once completed.

So it got unravelled and the yarn stuck in the craft closet. There is probably more than needed to complete another multnomah shawl and I’m hoping there will be enough left over to knit a matching pair of fingerless mitts.

teapot and teacup stitch markers at

Now that I’m up to the patterned border I’m getting to use a lot of the stitch markers I made. These are my favourites, tea cups and teapots.

crochet line at

The way 2020 has been I probably should of chosen the virus shawl pattern to knit!!! Perhaps that will be my next knitting project, as it doesn’t look like this virus will be over anytime soon.

Stay warm and safe and keep on knitting!

I do have quite a collection of shawls and I’ve also gifted a lot.

~Shawls and scarves I’ve made~

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  1. Linda

    Beautiful shawl I like the idea of the small one it would be perfect to wear in the collar of your coat. I love the practicality of fingerless mitts but my fingers get so cold I never thought of wearing mitts over the top that would be ideal a double layer of warmth. The colours in that green mix yarn are beautiful.

    • Crafty Gardener

      I started wearing the fingerless mitts and another pair of mittens years ago when I was working. You would be out on yard duty and a child would want help with the zipper or laces etc, so I could take off the top mitten and still have the fingerless one on to keep me a bit warm. It is a chilly Saturday but I’m not outside so don’t need the mitts today.

  2. Nicola

    I made a Multnomah years ago. It’s a pretty design. Fingerless mitts are a favourite of mine too, and when I need my fingers covered I put a thin pair of dollar store gloves underneath. Yesterday I was out for a walk in the sunshine and it was cold enough to put on a beanie.

  3. Myrtle

    Beautiful shawl Linda, I have one now that one granddaughter made for me. It was supposed to be the size of your small one to wear under my coat. I guess she just got carried My hands are always cold when it starts to get cold. I have to say I like that simple pattern and colours in the fingerless mitts you made. Take care, stay warm.

  4. Margie

    Your shawls are lovely!

    I’m also a big fan of the fingerless mitts. I was using them before they become popular with texters!

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