Scarves: One Stitch Lace

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Here is another simple, but impressive looking scarf. It’s called the one stitch lace scarf.

This is a pattern that encourages you to drop stitches. The knit stitch is all you do, with combinations of yarn overs (yo) in one row. The next row is all about slipping those yo stitches to form the lace look pattern.

the one stitch lace scarf at

I knit one of these scarves quite awhile ago and gifted it to someone. Now it’s time to knit a couple more using yarn I have remaining from other projects. The shade of green looks different in the 2 photos as one was taken inside and the other outside.

knitting one stitch/drop stitch scarves at

For the first one I’m using mainly grey yarn with odds and ends of darker greys and black mixed in. This will be a good way to use up the odds and ends of yarns from other projects. I’m using 5 mm circular needles.

knitting one stitch/drop stitch scarves at

This pattern has an error on it, which I figured out by knitting and unknitting the same row 3 times. Row 13 should have repeat twice and it only has once. If you are printing out the pattern be sure to fix the mistake.

knitting the 1 stitch lace scarf at

The finished scarf has a border around the edges and at each end.

You can see how the pattern forms from the slipped yo stitches.

knitting the 1 stitch lace scarf at

The second one is knit with a multi mauve yarn with left over from another project. This pattern is slightly different as it doesn’t have a border on it.

knitting one stitch/drop stitch scarves at

This one was also knit on 5 mm needles.

knitting the 1 stitch lace scarf at

I started out with straight needles and then switches to a circular one.

knitting the 1 stitch lace scarf at

The variegated yarn gives this scarf a different look.

knitting the 1 stitch lace scarf at

As there was no border, I added a fringe to this one just to finish it off. The pattern doesn’t call for a fringe.

knitting the 1 stitch lace scarf at

These scarves will be donations to different organizations, as with the start of the ‘ber’ or ‘brr’ months (September to December) it is getting more chilly and soon scarves will be needed to keep warm.

Patterns: with border, without border

a yarn line

~Shawls and scarves I’ve made~

7 Responses

    • Crafty Gardener

      I really like the mauve one and am contemplating keeping it, but I don’t have a lot that goes with those colours.

  1. Linda

    I really like this one Linda it looks lovely in the variegated yarn, a nice easy one to make while watching tv, I think that I have just the yarn for it. xx

  2. Margie

    So pretty! I love the multi-mauve scarf. I’m sure the organizations will appreciate your knitted donations.

  3. Diana Studer

    Perhaps I will try this for next winter. My chunky Swiss scarves are too heavy for our winters.

    • Crafty Gardener

      I used worsted weight for these scarves Diana, but if you used a lighter weight it would turn out lovely. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Jeannie

    The pattern in the scarf is unusual and adds interest. I like it. Whomever receives it will be getting a wonderful gift.


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