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I’ve just completed a close to you shawlette in variegated greens with a yarn I’ve had for awhile. This started out as a Yarn Crawl pattern but I was never happy with it as the yarn was a bit to thin for the pattern. I had even started a couple of other patterns but nothing seemed to be right. So the yarn sat in my yarn bowl for awhile while I contemplated what to use it for. Time just seemed to pass by but once I got the urge to start knitting again I decided on the pattern and set to work.

Close to You shawlette/scarf at

The close to you pattern is a free Ravelry download if you are interested. It is listed as a shawlette, but I tend to call it a scarf. It certainly isn’t a full sized shawl.

Close to You shawlette/scarf at

It was knit on 4 mm circular needles that I store in my needlecase.

Close to You shawlette/scarf at

It was a very easy pattern, most of it garter stitch, done in blocks of 14 rows. Only row 13 and 14 were different to give the scalloped edge.

Close to You shawlette/scarf at

I found that 19 repeats of the pattern block was enough to give the size scarf I wanted. But you can certainly make it longer if you wish. I have some of the yarn left over and will add it to my stash of left over sock yarn and one of these days I’ll knit something with it all.

making row counters at

I always use my row counter to keep track, even with the simplest of patterns. That way I can pick up right after I left off, no matter how long I leave the knitting.

Needle and hook accessories I’ve made:

~needle & hook accessories~

Close to You shawlette/scarf at

I love how it drapes at the front, while criss crossing at the back. I like this one so much it just might stay with my collection of scarves. I always say September is the start of the ‘ber’ months, and that means it will be getting cooler. It will get cooler soon won’t it?

a yarn line

~Shawls and scarves I’ve made~

7 Responses

  1. Linda

    Yes you must keep it it’s lovely! I love the colour, green goes with so many things. Thank you for the pattern link. xx

    • Crafty Gardener

      The more I see and touch it the more I’m going to keep it, plus green is my favourite colour. September starts today and it is a bit cooler so it won’t be long till I am able to wear my scarves.

  2. Vondean Erickson

    Hi Linda,
    This is beautiful. I always feel lazy when I read all the things you do.
    It is so warm and dry here I do not do too much outside so should be doing more inside. My downfall is I read so much. Guess that is not bad though.
    Take care

    • Crafty Gardener

      The humidity seems to have gone for now and it is wonderful to have the windows open and a nice breeze coming it. I read a lot too, which I really enjoy. Have a good day Vondean.

  3. Myrtle Thomas

    I love the colour and the pattern of the scarf Linda. Green is one of my favourite colours.

  4. Margie

    Very nice, Linda! The green/yellow combo is nice for both spring AND fall! And I’ve also noticed the drop in temperatures and have started wearing long pants again. LOL.

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