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Here’s how I made a crochet needle case that resembles a little hat.  I received my original one many years ago as a gift one Christmas from a student.  It has had many years of use.

It’s a great little project to use up some odds and ends from the yarn stash.  You also need a small amount of felt and a thimble.  It’s also a great project if you sell at craft sales or bazaars.

The original one is about 11 cm. across but the edges are curling after lots of use.  But the curl makes it more like a little hat.  Inside there are two circles of felt stitched to the back circle.  As you can see I store lots of different sized needles in it.  The felt holds the finer needles and the bottom of thenehedl case holds the thicker ones.

a crochet needle case at

Recently I made a green crochet needle case.  I’m working on an embroidery project and it needs more delicate needles.  I don’t like to keep changing the floss from one needle to another so I thread up several needles in the different colours I need and store them in the green needle case.

a crochet needle case at

I started out using the pattern I made for the little pot hats and just kept going to make it as big as the original needle case.  It really isn’t hard to figure out as it is basically a crochet circle with a bit extra to make the little holder for the thimble.  You also need two circles of felt the stitch inside to hold the needles.

I do have another needle case that was a sewing project at Brownies. It resembles a dog or cat.  Years ago they had to know how to sew on different buttons and this was a cute little project to make.  I’m not sure that it is part of the program now as things have changed so much since I was a leader.

The red felt is 20cm (8 in.) and 9 cm (3.5 in.) wide.  When folded over the back piece is about 12 cm and the fold over top piece is about 8 cm.  The white tongue is about 10 cm (4 in) long and 7 cm (almost 3 in) wide.  It is hand stitched in with a running stitch.  The eyes  can be 2 or 4 hole buttons and the nose is a shank button with pieces of yarn tied around it to make the whiskers.  Two safety pins are added to be the ears.

a felt needle case at

While making the round circles for the needle case I had an idea to use circles in a different way involving a tote bag. Better add it to the crafting list.  I’ll be sharing that soon.

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