Winter Delights – The Critters

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It has been an unusual winter in my part of Canada,  February has been so mild that we have been lured into thinking spring is arriving.  But there is still a month of winter to go before the season officially changes and anything can happen.

The critters have been around and I’m always taking photos of them.

Little Red always brings a smile as we watch his antics bouncing around the garden and making his way to the feeders.

Little Red at

Rabbits come and go, usually in the early morning or at dusk.  Their favourite places are under the feeders where there is always lots of seeds.  This year the snow has been patchy at times and lots of green areas are showing through.

the visiting rabbits at

On the odd occasion we have seen the coyote walk through the back field.  Over the years we can hear their calls but have never really caught sight of them.  They sure do walk at a fast pace and even with the rapid fire button on the camera the image is still a bit blurry.   I wondered if this was a wolf or coyote, but knowing we have coyotes up the back fields I’m opting with that id.   I did some searching around and found that wolves and coyotes look very much the same.  So if you have a positive id for me I’d really appreciate it.

a coyote spotted at

The black and grey squirrels run all over the yard and get into all sorts of mischief.  I’m forever chasing them away from around the feeder poles.

the squirrels up to mischief at

A most welcomed critter was spotted this week.  Chippy is out of his winter hibernation and filling his pouches with seeds under the feeders.  This is about 3 weeks earlier than the usual sightings of him.  Is spring just around the corner?

Chippy at

Winter has been a delight this year.  We have had snow storms and ice storms but we have also had lots of lovely mild temperatures that have melted away the snow and ice after a couple of days.  I sure hope this trend continues and spring does arrive soon.  But Mother Nature can send us a reminder anytime that winter isn’t over yet.

 I’m sharing with Five on Friday and Saturday’s Critters.


Winter delights

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