Winter Delights- Whimsy

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Whether we like it or not, winter is here till almost the end of March.  We moan about it, we curse it, we hate it but we should be looking for the delights of winter.

It’s time to be more positive and less negative, so over the next few weeks I’m going to share winter delights captured through my camera lens.

When those big fluffy flakes of snow land they turn everything into a white delight.   I try to leave some of the garden whimsy outside all winter just so I can appreciate what it looks like with snowy hats on.

I love how the snow settles on each bottle of the bottle tree and the colour of the bottles really pops.  When the sun shines on this it is so pretty. The snow doesn’t last very long on the bottles so I have to be quick with the camera.

the bottle tree in winter at

The Stumpy Family is peeking out from snow covered flower pot hats. Viewed from the back windows they add some fun whimsy over the winter months.

The Stumpy Family in winter at

Birchy is the latest addition to the garden whimsy.  I’ve always wanted one of the deer made out of logs and on a trip to a local garden centre for their Naturally Christmas days I couldn’t resist bringing this one home for the garden.

Birchy the deer at

He looks lovely with the snow accumulating on his head and back.

Birchy the deer at

The wooden obelisk by the front door looks lovely with snow accumulating on the rungs.  Even without blooms climbing up, it still makes a pretty addition to the garden.

the wooden obelisk at

The fifth winter delight is the snow on the hanging decorations.

the hanging whimsy at

These snowy winter delight photos were taken December 17, 2016 after a fluffy snowfall.  The weather over Christmas was quite changeable from +6 Celsius to just below 0 Celsius.  We had sunny days, rainy days, snowy days and ice rainy days.  Thankfully the travel days to family were clear and on the icy and snowy days we just stayed home and enjoyed the wintery weather through the windows.

What delights you about winter?

the spruce line at

  1. Koleta Scott

    I just found your blog. It is so much like the things that I like to make. I love my garden and love to dress it up every summer. I love to make crafts and give my daughters-in-law and close friends. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

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