Needle and Hook Holders

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I’ve been wanting a new holder for all my knitting needles. The one I have been using is old and really didn’t have enough spots for all the needles.

I made my holder using felt that was about 92 cm. wide (36 in.) and about 50 cm. deep (20 in.). Fold up the bottom part about 18 cm. (7 in.). I sewed lines to make narrow pockets to hold the needles. Some were about 2.5 cm. (1 in.) wide and some were about 1.25 cm. (1/2 in.) wide.

In the above photo you can see all the pockets that I made to accommodate the needles that I have – from thickest to thinest and from tallest to shortest.

Here is the knitting needle holder rolled and tied with some thin ribbon. This is a great way to store all those needles. It will tuck into my knitting bag and I’ll always know where the right size needles are.

Another day, another holder … this one is for my crochet hooks. I used to keep them all in a zip lock bag and whenever I started a project I had to sort through them all to find the ones I needed. No more! Look at this simple project to make.

I used 2 strips of felt, one was 36 cm. wide by about 18 cm. high. The second was about 36 cm. wide by about 10 cm. high. The first job was to stitch the two pieces together along the sides and bottom. Then I stitched thin pockets along the length of the piece. Some of the pockets were about 2 cm. wide and the rest were just over 1.25 cm wide. This allows for the different thickness of the hooks. You can adjust the sizes to fit the hooks that you have. I did add a few extra pockets just in case I get tempted to buy some more hooks.

Here is the crochet hook holder all rolled up and tied with ribbon. Now it slips easily into the pocket on my knitting/crochet bag. The hooks are all stored neatly and that will makes me a happy hooker!

This holder can be made to hold all sorts of different things … like coloured pencils, crayons, markers, cutlery, wrenches, screwdrivers, and more. Let your imagination go, and think up another use for these holders.

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