Lid Gripper

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Do you have a hard time opening jars?  This little gripper just might help you.

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I started with a set of placemats from the dollar store.  And low and behold these actually did cost a dollar.  So many items in these stores are priced $1.25 or $1.50 or $2.00 and more.

gripper material at

These are made with non slip fabric, rather like soft plastic canvas. This type of material is also sold in rolls to use as non slip shelf liners.  I like the placemats as they come in all different colours.  You can faintly see where I traced three circles on one of the placemats.  I used the sandwich plate from my dishes but if you used a smaller circle you would easily get four circles out of one piece.

  • Trace around a small plate to get the round shape. Cut out. I was able to get 3 circles out of one placemat.
  • Once I cut out the circles I did some crochet around the edges just to fancy them up a bit.

My version of the edging is very simple, you can add any of your own favourite edgings when making this simple craft.

  • Row 1 was just to do a single crochet in the holes around the edge of the gripper.
  • Row 2 was a double crochet in the first stitch, a double crochet in the second stitch, and then two double crochet in the third stitch. This was repeated around the edge.
  • By adding the extra double crochet every third stitch it stops the edge from curling inward.
  • The final row was a chain of 5, skip the next stitch, then join chain into the third stitch. Repeat around the edge till finished.

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