Hanging up the Towel

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With the renovation in my kitchen complete I don’t seem to have a place to put up a towel rack for drying tea towels, except for hanging them over the oven handle.  So I dug through the craft cupboard and found a holder for towels I had made a few years ago.  It fastens over the handles on the drawers and easily holds the towel.

Not that I want towels hanging all over the kitchen, but just for a short while after drying the dishes.  In the nice weather I have a make do line on the railing of the deck and I can peg the tea towels on there to dry.  But the weather doesn’t always co-operate and with winter weather approaching I won’t be using the outside drying spot much more.

My friend had one of these that her Mother had made many years ago and she wanted a new one so I devised a pattern using a metal ring and some left over bits of yarn.  I’ve seen the pattern made using big pony tail elastics or rings cut from plastic lids (yogurt tubs, margarine containers).  I found these types quickly lose their shape so I decided to use a more sturdier metal ring.  When the hanger is complete you can button it over the handle on your oven or drawer.

This pattern is a great one for using up your stash of yarn.


-7.5 cm or 3 inch ring (packets of 6 from craft stores),
-a 4.5 mm crochet hook,
-a small amount of yarn, preferably cotton yarn or worsted weight yarn
-tapestry needle


Row 1 – crochet 55 sc around ring, slst to first sc, you may need more or less depending on the ring size. The sc are made around the ring. Put the hook through the center of the ring and pull the yarn up a tthe back. Pull the yarn through the loop or loops on the hook. You will end up with the ring being covered by the yarn.


Row 2 – ch1, sc in the next 9 sc (this can be a bit tight to do at first, but be patient and it will go through)
Row 3 – ch 3 (first dc), turn, dc in the next 9 sc, for a total of 10 dc
Row 4 – sc in the 10 dc, turn
Row 5 – dc in the 10 sc
Row 6 – sc in the 10 sc
Row 7 – dc in the 10 sc
Row 8 – sc in the 10 dc
R0w 9 -dc in the 10 sc
Row 10 – sc in the 10 dc
Row 11 – dc in the 10 sc
Row 12 – ch 1, * sc in the first dc, skip next dc,* repeat to end of row
Row 13 – ch3 (first dc), dc in next sc, ch 2 )will make a buttonhole), dc, dc, (you can adjust hold to the size of the button)
Row 14 – sc 6 times
Row 15 – sc, skip next sc, repeat to end of row, for 2 dc
Row 16 – finish off
Stitch on button.

It looks like this when laying flat.


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  1. Iris Wilkins

    Thank you so much for this idea and pattern! I don’t really like the traditional hanging kitchen towels cause the crochet top always stretches out. I am certainly going to try this. I have several wedding coming up soon and I think this would be a great addition to a gift for the kitchen.
    Again, thank you so much for this idea.

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