New Life for an Old Birdcage

I’ve had an old birdcage collecting dust in the garage for ages and ages.  At the beginning of the season I dusted it off and decided to give it some new life as a planter.  In a quick fix I just added a pot of petunias, but knew that wasn’t what I really wanted to do with it.

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I set it up on a small wooden step ladder with some of the mushrooms I’ve made over the years.  Over the winter I’ll have to do a post about how I made the mushrooms.  I do believe it was shared on my old blog but it just never got moved over here.


During the summer I decided to plant the birdcage up as a succulent planter.  I took off the top, filled the base with soil and added some plants.  I put a pot in the centre to raise it a little bit and I’m hoping when the blue spruce sedum grows it till reach up and also trail over a bit.

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When it was finished I added in a couple of perches and two artificial birds just to fill in the top space.  Since taking this photo I’ve also wired open the door so the sedum can trail over the edge.

I like the height that the petunias had in the bird cage and I’m hoping I’ll be able to add some more height to it next year.  By then the trailing plants should be reaching out of the bars and hanging down the sides.

It seems my focus has been planting succulent containers this past season.  Have a look at …a birdcage planter … white tub … a wicker picture frame … toolbox planter

This is a great book for propagating succulents.

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